Those of you that know me well, know that the one thing I have, head and shoulders above everything else, is a very big and very childish sense of humour.  I love to laugh, and I laugh a lot, probably inappropriately half the time, but hey, you know I never mean any harm right? (You do, don’t you???)

So I thought in the Spirit of Christmas (as opposed to the Spirit of Gin…not a drop, swear) and for something a bit different, I’d share with you, some of the moments that made me laugh, smile, snort, fall off the bed (and there were a few of those), splurt and take a turn for the worse, red face and coughing wise!

Before I begin, DISCLAIMER!  This piece is not mean to offend…it is a lighthearted look at some of the stuff you bands/singers/musos/writers have put out there this year, which YT just happened to find hilariously amusing.  I am not laughing at you….well, I am, but in a nice way.  You made me smile, for which I’m thankful.

JR Moores DIS Leeds Festival Review

This time last year I barely knew who JR Moores was…he certainly didn’t know who I was…he does now! Call it the pester effect!  JR is a music writer for The Quietus and DIS.  By-times, he reviews comedy festivals.  I personally think he should be doing stand up.

JR is to insanely quick witted writing as Rodney’s face was to OF&H.

I knew he wrote well (he writes a mega-watts psych feature for TQ – go check it out – I’ve embedded my personal fave), but when I stumbled upon this baby one quiet September morn, I realised that I was in the company of the Dermot Morgan of festival reviewers.  Intelligent, articulate, insightful – tick, tick, tick.  Entertaining – check.  Hilariously funny – side splittingly so.

So the Award for – MADE DERV SPILL HER TEA ALL OVER HER LAPTOP goes to – JR Moores for his hugely entertaining review of the Leeds festival.

(I’m sure he’ll be thrilled – you are JR aren’t you, secretly … very secretly!).


See, you thought it was going to be all musicians didn’t you….well, er!

Anyone who’s read the reviews on this site for the past 6 months will be only too aware that one band has featured more than any other (though the golden glowers have been chasing their tail of late).  Yip, the boys from Dråpe get a mention on here today.


Dråpe have put a smile on my oft forlorn face, above and beyond any other artist this year.  The reasons are varied, but in this instance, it’s the lyrics to the track ‘?’ from their album ‘Relax/Relapse’, which combined with the zaniest of loop-the-loop guitar riffs, produced a near death experience due to the resultant choking of said reviewer (who was eating a toffee whilst lying on the bed at the time!!).  Front-man, Ketil Myhre, may have an ear for a good tune, but it is the sharpness of his eye for a crackingly good lyric that is his forte.  Myhre is one of the wittiest, most perceptive and trenchant lyricists I’ve come across in a long time and is the winner of the MOST MORDACIOUS LYRICS OF THE YEAR AWARD with this piece of astringent brilliance (see track 3 – but please play the whole album, it’s RAD).

Colon cleanser – Low carb diets – Gluten free food only

Fashion blogging – Silicon buns – Botox injected lips

Your way of life

It is the only way of living
It makes so much sense, those things you do
Well-knowing the world is getting warmer
still nothings as cool as being you

It’s: black or white – High concept interior design
Anal bleaching – Louis Vuitton  – The list goes on and on

I’m in a band – Choose second hand – I’m an original
I am so free – just look at me – I am the prophecy


Deadpan faces kill me … and one guy more than any other deadpanned me to comic death  with his performance in an in-studio music video.  But it wasn’t the DP face (you’ll catch it near the end, during a close up!) that won him this award…oh no.  This was one of those moments of pure comedy gold where the camera hits the right place at the right time (courtesy of the wonderful film maker Benedikte Olsen who shot the video for the lustrous The Wonder of Love) and bam……you’ve got your “money shot” (in fact she actually got three – one courtesy of Mr Eirik Fidjeland and two courtesy of the Petter HA).  Mr H.A. you have a natural disposition towards the comedic! X

Eirik Has Eye Issues
Go Away, You’re Scaring Me!!

The 2015 comedy money shot goes to Petter Haugen Andersen from Gold Celeste, winner of the RANDOM DRUMSTICK THROWING MID SONG COMPETITION (and in a lesser category, the YOU’RE SCARING ME (CAN’T YOU SEE THE LOOK IN MY EYES) AWARD with a nod to Mr F for his, THAT GUITAR STRING JUST WHACKED ME ONE IN THE EYE vibe.

Kudos to the guys for being big enough to leave these shots in the video.  They actually serve to make it fresh and human!

AHA! A-ha

“In fact, during the course of our 45 minutes together, it will often seem that Harket hasn’t heard me at all …”

Back to words….Another music media dude that I’ve got to know over the past year has been one Mr Wyndham Wallace; journalist, author, PR manager, record company executive, art lovey and general all round Mr Culture Personified.  He also happens to have a love for things Norwegian (especially NO isles in the Arctic circle and feral cats) and a bit of a gra for one Mr Mark Hollis & the music of Talk Talk.

Back in September, Nordic music gods, A-ha, celebrated the 30th anniversary of the release of their UBER pop hit, ‘Take On Me’ and so, being one to see a perfect opportunity present itself to put a Grand New Spin (see what I did there?) on an archived 2013 interview – (why not?) – WW set about bringing it into 2015 with additional words and music links unearthed during some pretty indepth research.


The result was not only a fascinating and detailed exploration into the background of the band and the song, it was an uproariously funny account of his meeting with A-ha frontman, Morten Harket, who by the sounds of things, might just be a few cards short of a full deck!  You can read the full bells & whistles below.

Winner of the, HUNTING HI AND LOW FOR AN ANSWER TO MY QUESTIONS AWARD, Wyndham Wallace ‘Talking Away: A-Ha On The Making Of Take On Me ‘ for The Quietus.


Snippet Mascot
Snippet Mascot

Some songs make ya smile, some songs make ya grin like a Cheshire Cat.  And so it was with this next smile inducer.  Johnno Snips Snippet Cuts Casson (mouthful innit) is a singer, songwriter, musician, FOTN moderator and Toaster.  He lives in Essex and claims to have never been in an episode of TOWIE.  Cough.

Earlier in the Autumn, as the sun was beginning to take on that lovely autumnal red glow in the sky and the evenings were beginning to draw in around our shoulders like comfy woolly scarves, along came this ray of Sunshine.  Snippets ‘The Sunshine’ EP has all the smiley feelgood of Morecambe & Wise and Brenda Lee’s ‘You Bring Me Sunshine’.  It brought me Sunshine and a lot of Smiling … and here it is

Winner of the YOU ARE THE SUNSHINE OF MY LIFE AWARD – Snippet Cuts


Penultimate awards go to two gentleman who made me laugh louder than anyone else this year…albeit unwittingly.  I’ve never met either of them, though I do know one of them quite well through our mutual modding escapades.


The first source of mirth is to be found quite early on in the latest Dråpe video – which itself is hilarious and will easily put a smile on your face.  (Much laughs induced at .27in with Eirik F doing his best grounded Albatross impressions) but it’s the shot at .30 here that’s the prize winner.  Yep, winner of the THE ICONIC “THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY” HAIR IN THE AIR AWARD, is our witty wordsmith from a couple of awards above, Ketil Myhre. To be fair, the dude has sufficient sense of humour not to have asked for that shot to be removed – the more ‘anally bleached, silicon bottomed’ diva-types would have.

Second is the presence of Number 8 in the Northern Portrait video – he comes in around 1.30.  Now long story short…one very dark and boring night, a few of us mods were bothering Steve on Twitter (we do that, it’s called free childish entertainment).  Along popped Big Jim and his – “did I tell you when I did a dancing part in a video” – line in chat.  Then he dropped this on us….to much hilarity, raucous laughter and red faces with aching sides.  Debs, the lamb, has never been the same since, and now avoids much social media contact for fear of a relapse into her immediate post No8 state.

When you see No8 – you’ll understand why this caused so much hilarity (and if you knew Jim as we do, you’d understand  it even more). Winner of the MY SHORTS DON’T COME ANY SHORTER AND MY WIFE TONGSED MY HAIR, WHAT YOU THINK DEBS? AWARD is Big Jim Cambo, Modertor with Fruit and Nut.

A sincere thanks to you all for making me laugh, smile, cry with laughter, howl, belly laugh and collapse with glee.  Without your putting yourselves, your music and your words out there, the world (well mine anyway) would be a much darker and grimmer place.

Finally, my last award goes to Debs, Steve, Jim, Paul, Johnno, Alex, David D, Damian, Jo Marie C, Mme Catherine, Eddie S and my BAES Andrew B & Ieuan B.  Not only have you been solid, but you have made me laugh when all I wanted to do was give up, cry, scream and/or invariably get drunk, which I usually never seem to manage!

Winners of my THANK YOU FOR THE SMILES OF FRIENDSHIP AWARD…I give it to you with all my heart X       Much love & Merry Christmas XXX


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