Still Kirk Vournias.
Still Kirk Vournias.

As part of the NY16 sweep up of YE15, we are flicking through various releases that we didn’t get a chance to feature in December due to the heavy stream of musical traffic, never mind the endless Christmas partying (yeah, as if!!).

One of the late drops onto 2015 Nordic musical shores, was the video for the Bellman single, ‘We Are The Guns’.  Shot on 8mm in Paris, Manchester & other Euro locations by Greek film maker Kirk Vournias, the visual is a grainy homage to pen wielding revolutionaries, “a tribute to those who choose … human dignity before contempt, and who know that love conquers all. ”

Such was the British based director’s enthusiasm for the strong anti-violence, pro-change by peaceful means message conveyed by the lyrics, he decided that both he and his girlfriend should feature in the video.  Scarily, the pair were in Paris during the week of the November terrorist attacks, an experience which for them, personalised the meaning of Bellman’s words all the more.

Still Kirk Vournias.
Still Kirk Vournias.

The visual is a vivid montage of deconstructed dream sequences and grainy close ups that give a sense of poignant realism to Bellman’s heartfelt musical tribute.

Talking about how he hoped ‘We Are The Guns’ would be perceived, Bellman mused, “I want people to feel like dancing, a bit like a “quiet hands in the air” dance. Then I hope they will think how small the world really is, and how easy it would be to help make it a better place.”

You can watch this simply styled but effective video here.  Let’s try to make “PEACE” part of our resolutions for 2016.

‘We Are The Guns’ is out now, via NO FOREVERS records.

You can follow Bellman on Facebook & Twitter or check out his official Website, here.


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