Another wee fish to have slipped through the end of year sonic net was ‘Headphones’ by Oslo based trio Sauropod.

Sauropod are like a Nordic Nirvana infused with some DNA from Mudhoney and The Slits.  Equal parts grunge and neo-punk, their musical pattern comprises peaks of energetic melodica and frenzied “noize”, and troughs of dense quietude.

‘Headphones’ is the second single from forthcoming album ‘Roaring at the Storm’ due for release via Norwegian indie label, Riot Factory, on 22nd January.

Short and explosively sweet with an acrid coating, this brief but to the point sonic grenade is a fast and furious punk belter that would have been perfectly at home on an X-Ray Spex setlist back in the day.

Perfectly synched strident bass and feverish guitar wield their thunder alongside a vibrant vocal whirlwind.  Set amidst a storm of crashing percussion they come together to create the most glorious noisefest.

Kamilla Waal Larsen’s infectious vocal is in the realm of Poly Styrene with the swagger of Johnny Rotten.  In fact truth be told, she’s like a modern day Annabella Lwin (go google) with that same raw, untameable range brimful of youthful defiance and witty mock-petulance.

Sauropod have honed their sound in such a way as to allow it to retain it’s”untamed spirit”.   Theirs is a sound carefully crafted without constraint, something which works to the advantage of such a wild and free spirited track as ‘Headphones’ .  This succinct, eruptive sonic bomb, makes for one short, sharp, shock of a radical, compelling and invigorating listen.

Roaring at the Storm’ is scheduled for release on 22nd January via Riot Factory.

You can follow Sauropod on Facebook and Spotify.


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