In comparison with the nightshade hued robo-electro experiment that was ‘Cezanne’, recently released ‘Escorted/The Road’, the latest single from Danish musician CTM (a.k.a Cæcilie Trier), is much more “ascetic human” than “paranoid android”.

Minimalist, but no less experimental, with its not-so orthodox juxtaposition of strange musical bedfellows – jazz, electro experimental and classical – ‘Escorted/The Road’ is a musical collage alive with emotion; a multi-faceted song with a very deep soul.

Instrumentally the track remains very pared back up to the last, with jaunty spacious piano and haphazard guitar alongside neutered synth taking centre-stage for the most part. Just short of the final quarter, the instrumental is delivered of some very stirring and sensationally played Flugelhorn and synthetic string arrangements.   This unexpected build in the final moments, gives Trier’s restrained yet evocative vocal an energetic lift, and adds both warmth and texture to what has thus far been an unadorned, and scantily populated soundscape.

Trier gives a strong and controlled delivery throughout, her vocal sitting somewhere between the emotive smokey velvetine of a folky Joan Armatrading and the distant dusky cool of smooth-jazz Sade. Her voice is like the dusk just before it sinks into night – darkness tinged with an embered glow, smouldering as it settles on a sparse instrumental horizon.

The fascinating visual for ‘Extended/The Road’ is a continuation of the storyline of ‘Suite for a Young Girl’, the narrative for which began on the single ‘Cezanne’.   Directed and edited once again by Sara Laub and Kamilla Bruus, it is an extension of the footage already seen in Trier’s previous films.

Pertinent, yet unobtrusive, cleverly shot scenes convey the thematic strands that intertwine throughout the flow of the album. The overall effect is a montage of frames that are both obvious and elusive.  One thinks one  understands, yet there is still an air of mystery – not unlike that enigmatic transition from pubescent girlhood to young womanhood, when we think we know everything  but actually know nothing.

The release of ‘Escorted/The Road’ immediately precedes that of CTM’s debut eight track mini-album through which you can hear Trier narrate her full musical storyline from beginning to end. ‘Suite for a Young Girl’ will be available via Tambourhinoceros from 22nd January, 2016 but is available for pre-order via their website now.

In addition, a limited edition vinyl version of the album (500 copies) will be available to purchase.  If features two drawings created by renowned painter Alexander Tovborg one on the record sleeve and one as a poster.

Finally, in news just in, CTM has announced her debut London show at The Lexington on Feb 25th. Having made a name for herself overseas as an encapsulating and avant-garde live performer, this show is a must-see.

Watch the video for ‘Escorted/The Road’ here.

You can follow CTM on Facebook.


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