“One more song from us to you before the whole record’s out: Here’s “Sunny Day”! Short and sweet like the hours of daylight this January! Just close your eyes and picture spring…”

In the build up to the release of their latest long player, ‘Roaring at the Storm’,  Norwegian ‘noisesters’, Sauropod, have released yet another track to whet your appetite – this time it’s spirited scorcher, ‘Sunny Day’.

‘Sunny Day’ not only diverges from the musical path of its forerunner ‘Headphones’, veering towards bluesy ‘rock n roll’ rather than grungey neo-punk, it also has a more optimistic attitude than that of its more acrid predecessor.

The perfect R&R amalgam of swaggering guitar riffs, jazzy-r&b basslines and some seriously dynamic drumming, act as a powerful rhythmic backdrop to perfectly synced ‘he/she’ vocals that are as animated and unyielding as their instrumental counterparts.

Snappy, sassy ‘Sunny Day’, comprises straightforward melodies set to an emphatic beat, delivered with pure rock-n-roll va-va-voom and an air of self-assured bullishness.

Another short, sharp, Sauropod, sonic shock.

‘Sunny Day’ features on the album, ‘Roaring at the Storm’, due for release 22nd January via RIOT FACTORY records.

You can follow Sauropod on Facebook and Twitter.


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