Kill em with Kindness

” … Break out the old cliches, clear space on your front page,  Good stories sell more than you will ever do …”

Norwegian #nextbigthings Slutface, have just dropped their second single, and what a musical volte face this one has turned out to be!  If you created a ‘supergroup” that included members of The Strokes and Johnny Marr, with Gwen Stefani up front, and asked them to produce a piercing indie-pop hit with a bit of turbo exhaust – the resultant tune would be something of the ilk of ‘Kill em with Kindness’.

Slutface is Haley Shea (vocals), Lasse Lokøy (bass), Halvard Skeie Wiencke (drums) & Tor-Arne Vikingstad (guitar).  Their sonic stance thus far has been riot grrrl tinged with neo-punk and a dash of garage, so producing ‘Kill ’em with Kindness’, with its radio friendly pop undertones, is a broadening  of their musical horizons.  At this early stage in the game, it is good to see Slutface testing the musical waters rather than pigeon-holing themselves into a single genre or sound that could ultimately see them stuck in a musical rut further on down the road.  The ability to diversify it key to a longevity in the a music industry with a low boredom threshold and short memory.

With Shea continuing song writing duties, it is not surprising that once again the gender issue rears its head.  Shea is fast becoming a “gen mill” vocal tour-de-force in the campaign not just for gender based equality,  but for equality across the board.  Needless to say, this isn’t just her (Shea’s) message alone – frankly, her lyrics would be pretty pointless not to mention hypocritical, if Slutface, did not fully stand behind them as one unified whole.

” … You’ve seen it all before, Madonnas of the world, Crawl across broken glass …”

‘Kill ’em with Kindness’ is ‘I Will Survive’ modern stylee – a song with which upcoming female musicians can serenade their detractors in the male dominated music press!  This anthem for “survivors” gives a none too polite two fingers, to the inane, dull-witted misogyny normally directed by flaccid media dullards at “she-merging” music artists as they try to kick the shit out of the musical glass ceiling, held so firmly in place by the “brothers”!

Slutface convey a very clear message which should resonate with their diverse network/geography of followers, especially as most of their digital gen fan-base make up a growing groundswell currently moving steadfastly towards change.

Musically ‘Kill ‘Em With Kindness’ is punchy, catchy and energetic.  It comprises gated guitars a la Marr, urgent scratchy riffs and stylishly exuberant pop driven bass lines all set off by some pretty pacy, dynamic drumming. Shea’s vocal is pure American rock-pop, but her razor-sharp tone is such that it cuts through the softer, poppier edges of her delivery. An energetically performed, spirited “pop” song, with catchy hooks and urgent addictive beats, it is sure to set sparks alight across the airwaves, if not across the desks of some neanderthal media types!

Funked up and gated out, this punk meets pop anthem makes for pretty addictive listening, and with its ‘of the moment’ lyrical messaging, ‘Kill ’em with Kindness’ should resonate with enough clued-in music fans to do well across Nordic/Euro/UK Charts.

‘Kill ‘Em With Kindness’ drops ahead of Slutface’s appearance at the renowned Trondheim Calling Festival and their UK Tour with Fufanu. It’s out now via Propeller Recordings – you can check it out, along with their full tour dates, below.

 You can follow Slutface via various social media – Facebook, Twitter, Insta


25 FEB | Shipping Forecast, Liverpool
26 FEB | Headrow House, Leeds
28 FEB | Nice N Sleazy, Glasgow
29 FEB | Head Of Steam, Newcastle
01 MAR | Sebright Arms, London
Tickets via /


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