Photo Julia Naglestad
Photo Julia Naglestad

Purveyor of some of the most interesting sounds currently circulating the Norwegian ‘musicsphere’, singer/songwriter extraordinaire, Frøkedal, has just unloosed yet another sonic thread from forthcoming musical weave, ‘Hold on Dreamer’, her debut album scheduled for release next month.

Where Frøkedal ended 2015 on a tranquil, wistful note with the exquisite ‘Kid’, she enthusiastically kick starts the New Year by doing a total 360 with uber vibrant and spirited new single, ‘The Sign’.

“But our memories, they are no longer our own,  & there will be no secrets here at all”

Speaking of the process behind recording ‘The Sign’, the singer explained: “I tried the arrangement in several different settings, until Olaf (percussionist Olaf Olsen of Bigbang and Todd Terje fame) and I pieced together a recording of it with him on the drums and me banging it out on an acoustic guitar at his house. And that’s what you can still hear at the heart of the track. It’s the biggest arrangement on the album.”

‘The Sign’ is the antithesis of what we have come to expect from mistress of minimalism, Frøkedal.  A jubilant, rambunctious affair, it is undoubtedly the singers most full-bodied production to-date.

A percussion driven track, the only one from the debut LP to contain any drumming, it comprises elements of jazz, big band and folk-pop, the muddle of which sees Frøkedal continue on her serpentine journey of eclectic experimentation and diversification of sounds.

Zesty, animated jazz-drumming invigorates while emphatically marked ‘chopsticks’ style piano chords and melodic guitar riffs flesh out the body of the song. Frøkedal’s pitch perfect, sunny voice shines through a haze of angelic choral harmonies, extending just a wee touch of heaven onto what is a most uplifting and enchanting song.  A brawny, brassy breeze is a most welcome addition to the outro.  Not only does it add warmth and texture, it fills the musical spaces inherent in Frøkedal’s work.

Album cover by: Erlend Ringseth Photo by: Julia Naglestad
Album cover by: Erlend Ringseth
Photo by: Julia Naglestad

“…And there’s no need to feel so bad, we’ve already lost everything that we had … Still we pick up pieces together and we will wake up to find another way …”

‘The Sign’ is a magical  musical magnet, the pull of which is instantaneous.  From the opening clicks of Olsen‘s drumsticks it pulls you in and lifts you up, and, like a roller-coaster rush of adrenalin boosting E numbers “éclatant de vitalite”, floods the bloodstream with a surge of ‘feel-good’.

An attention seeking sonic cocktail … ‘The Sign’ is a spirited, robust and deliciously optimistic musical high ball – stimulating, intoxicating and very, very moreish.

‘The Sign’ is taken from forthcoming album ‘Hold on Dreamer ‘(released 26 February via Propeller Recordings). Frøkedal will kick off her UK tour at The Islington in London on 25 February – full dates available at | |


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