Photo Robert Lund
Photo Robert Lund
Danish duo Palace Winter recently announced the release of their debut album ‘Waiting For The World To Turn’ with a launch date of 3rd June via indie Danish label, Tambourhinoceros.
‘Waiting for the World to Turn’ is the much anticipated follow up to their hugely successful debut EP, ‘Medication’ which was featured on this site along with the bands first ever press interview with YT, you can read it here.
‘Medication’, which included beat-tastic groove-monsters ‘Time Machine’ and ‘Menton’, as well as the slow n stunning ‘Stockholm’, was a masterclass in ‘rockorama with a Kraut twist’, with Palace Winter defining their very unique blend of country and good old fashioned, quick tempoed rock n roll, to create their own individual PW sound.
Since the release of ‘Medication’, Palace Winter have toured Europe extensively, gigging ‘music scene’ venues and festivals with equal gusto.  This gung ho “labour of live” has garnered them a hardcore, enthusiastic following, from everyday music fan Josie Soap right up the musical ladder to  BBC6 Radio’s “one to follow”, Lauren Laverne.
 ‘Waiting for the World to Turn’  takes the unique PW sound to another level, by encompassing psych, electronica and motorik, with their distinctive indie/country fusion, to create an even more intense muddle of adrenalin pumping sounds.  The net result – an album of urgent, evocative, and powerful cinematic soundscapes.

Speaking of the theme of the album, Palace Winter explain –  “There’s something very traditional and even ritualistic about the album, but at the same time almost indeterminable when it comes to a time period.  There’s an element of sci-fi in the album cover, the future meeting the past and a person caught in the middle of it. We’re still in a haze, we just left suburbia.”

Positron PW Feb 16

From piano driven opener ‘Dune Wind’ through to the seven-minute album double-track closer ‘Dependance/Independence’, this album is as electrifying as their ‘Medication’ EP; no mean feat given how impressive a production that was. ‘Waiting For The World To Turn’ is a long playing triumph from a duo whose musicianship knows no bounds. Top tip – sonic stunner, ‘Soft Machine’.
In advance of the release of this highly anticipated LP, Palace Winter have released lead single ‘Positron’, “a 6-minute epic; the backbone of the album and live show. With infectious melody and a barrage of beats, it encapsulates the band’s sound.”
‘Waiting For The World To Turn’ was recorded over the winter in Copenhagen, produced, mastered and mixed by Caspar Hesselager. Palace Winter are Carl Coleman (Vocals, Guitar) and Caspar Hesselager (Synths, Keys) with the help of Christian Rindorf (Drums).   It is available to pre-order now via Tamborhinoceros.
Palace Winter play two dates at the renowned by:Larm Festival Oslo, in March –
Fri 4th at Mono and Sat 5th at Rockefeller.
They are also lined up to play Svartedalen, Gothenburg, Sweden, March 26th; Roskilde, Denmark 26th-28th June; NewNote Festival, Hillerod, Denmark, 4th August, and GreenMan Festival, Wales, 18th-21st August.
Full details can be found on the Palace Winter FB page, and website.
1.  Dune Wind
2.  Hearts To Kill
3.  Positron
4.  Soft Machine
5.  H.W. Running
6.  What Happened
7.  Proclamation Day
8.  Dependance
9.  Independence
Formats: CD / Vinyl / Digital

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