TC Rockheim 050216
Photo D Mc Cloat

Rising starlet and purveyor of vibrant Scandi-pop Dagny was billed as one of the main draws of Trondheim 2016.  Slotted in for a prime time set in the biggest of the festival venues, Rockheim, the top billing wasn’t a misnomer as the crowd that flooded the main venue hall was packed to capacity, on the verge of bulging.

Dagny has as yet only released one single, ‘Backbeat’ (23.9.15), but it is on the back of that alone, that she has Nordic lovin’ UK media preaching her “one to watchedness”, and in a state of near frenziedness to both hear and know more.  One suspects a carefully planned less is more PR strategy in the mould of “treat ’em mean, keep ’em keen” and oh my, is it working!

What it doesn’t work for however, is producing detailed gig reviews.  So whilst I can tell you all about the crowd, the sound and the vocal, I can impart very little background to, or facts on, the set list.

The sardine-packed crowed loved every moment of the 30 minute set.  The chockers auditorium heaved, vibed, soared and roared, and throughout it all, the stunning Dagny belted out song after song with Nordic clarity and youthful fizz, like a crack commando fresh outta pops top bootcamp.

Her performance was effervescent and engaging, her vocal strong and commanding. In addition, her band was on tip top form energising the crowd with their blistering guitar sounds and thumpingly good percussion.  Needless to say, and as would be expected given the rep of the venue, the acoustics were probably the best of the festival, which only served to enhance what was already a sizzling hot performance.

Killer track of the fast n furious , short but sweet set, was closer, ‘Backbeat’ which Dagny performed with unrivalled verve and zing, dancing around, fist-pumping the air, and generally having as good a time as her captive audience.

To give you an idea of how excited and exciting Dagny’s performance was, here’s a video of her performing ‘Backbeat’ at Birthday’s, Dalston back in November.  Just magnify this by 20 and shoot the barometer up to #throbbing and you might just get a vague idea of the level of engagement, excitement and energy that was in the Trondheim auditorium that night.

As Dagny’s shooting star is in such a rapid ascendancy, by the time Trondheim 2017 kicks the dust off its heels, she will doubtless return with a string of chart hits under her Scandi-pop belt.

Dagny plays the by:Larm Festival in a couple of week, details here:-

Thursday 3rd March, Rockefeller, 23.30hrs

Friday 4th  March, Drømmeteltet, 22.30hrs

You can follow Dagny on Facebook and her official website.


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