Photo Olav Stubberud

Norwegian newbie ARY has a vocal that swings from Susanne Sundfor – delicately delightful as on ‘Telescope’ – to Bjork – gaminely quirky as with hit single, ‘Higher’ – depending on the mood of the track she’s performing.

A girl with an otherwordly presence, she has as yet only streamed three songs, one solo and two collaborative offerings; three very different tracks that perfectly exemplify her unique musical abilities.

So it was then that her set at Trondheim Calling was the perfect opportunity for ARY to showcase unreleased musical wares and, she did so in splendid fashion.  Joined on stage by fellow Norwegians, Fay Wildhagen, and, Anders Kjaer, she spliced performances of ‘known’ tracks, ‘Higher’, ‘Telescope’ and ‘Human Again’ with unknown temperature testers, all of which were warmly and favourably received by the crowd.

ARY has a captivating charm that brings real warmth and animation to the cold electronic sound of her music, and whilst her ID songs had an unfinished feel to them, it didn’t detract from the overall sense of enjoyment that pervaded the packed auditorium of the classy Rockheim venue.

Captivatingly beguiling and refreshingly unpolished, ARY put the spark into sparkle with a poised and engaging performance, which although sating the short term appetite, left one with a lingering desire to hear what is still to come.

Expect to hear a lot more from and about ARY in the future – with an aura as bright as hers, her rapidly rising star is set to fire and shine quite brilliantly.

ARY will play two sets at upcoming by:Larm festival, Oslo, on Thurs 3rd 22.30hrs and Sat 5th 01.30hrs, full details, here.

You can follow ARY on Facebook and Spotify.


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