Still Frigge Fri
Still Frigge Fri

I’ve said this before, and I am saying it again now.  Sometimes you just have to let the music speak for itself.  You have to let it breathe.  And that is what I am doing with this masterpiece by Bjørn Morten Christophersens, performed by Schola Cantorum, entitled “Oak & Mayfly”, the video for which was directed by Frigge Fri.  The lyrics below, were based on a poem by the wonderful H. C. Andersen.

Growing, stretching, widening, craving
Towered past in a mighty crown

Flying, gliding, dancing, living
Thousands of moments in blissful play

Flying, gliding, dancing, living
– and die

Rustling leaves:
Good night, good night
Poor little mayfly, too short a life

Singing winds:
Good night, old oak, there falls a leaf
Stretch and fly!

Growing, widening
A wonderful dream
A moment forever in the Kingdom of God


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