Photo Thomas Rose
Photo Thomas Rose

Today, I’m delighted to welcome guest blogger and friend, Eddie Sweetman, to the site.  Eddie is one of my closest musical partners in crime, who I think you’ll agree, has a rather a flair for pretty hip music reviews!  Here he has penned his insightful and well informed thoughts on ‘Secrets’, the latest single from Bergen trio, Great News.

Eddie is an English/German/Irish hybrid lover of music since 1975.  He adores all things electronic/bleak/dystopian and glacial from Joy Division to John Grant via Depeche Mode.  He also has a crackingly good sense of humour!

Great News : ‘Secrets’

The first thing that comes to mind when listening to ‘Secrets’ is ….The Cure.

Now that’s no bad thing in itself, they made some outstanding singles. Maybe it’s the opening bass line all bouncy and rich, or, maybe it’s the vocal which sounds as if it were recorded 10 feet from the mic.  Whichever of the two it is , ‘Secrets’ opens and grabs your attention for the full duration.  Although many reviewers have cited MGMT and Franz Ferdinand, personally I find it hard to hear these influences!

‘Secrets’ is an insistent sound, propelled by a recurring synthesised motif (which weirdly makes me think of ‘Why’ by Carly Simon!). It’s a full rich sound filling all the spaces without a breath taken throughout its duration.

The influence I hear is Tame Impala, ‘Let it Happen’ Cascading synthesisers – check, dreamy slightly psychedelic vocal – check, widescreen technicolor sound  – check.

In fact this is a track that would fit comfortably on the last Tame Impala album!

Bouncing baselines, rich deep synthesisers, dreamy vocals add up to a track that channels its inner mid-eighties influences, to create a lush dense sound which once heard is hard to forget.

‘Secrets’ is out now via London-based singles club 0E0E; available on iTunes and Spotify

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