Still courtesy of Fiordmoss & Jan Durina
Still courtesy of Fiordmoss & Jan Durina

The strangest concoction springs to mind when I listen to ‘Madstone’ from Fiordmoss.  Japan here, Bjork there, Prince’s ‘When Doves Cry’ around and about.  It has an air of 80s experimental electronica mixed with jungle drums & ‘Purple Rain’ percussion/electronic strobes.

Dark, haunting voids are spliced with smatters of twinkling synths, groans of electronic noises and jungle percussion with intent.  Intermittent interruptions of serrated drones and static friction intensify an already loaded atmosphere, seeping through which like a cold mist is the icy vocal of vocalist Petra Hermanová.

Fiordmoss are based in Berlin, but of Czech-Norwegian origin.  They’ve been around a few years now, developing experimental sounds and seem to have found their niche in slightly avant-garde dark electro-pop.  Definitely a band I would like to see live (check their live dates below), and certainly one I’ll be keeping an eye out for, from now on!


Good night wolf bite,  One of a kind
Lie low, wipe all traces of a fight
Charcoal blind foal, Limps by her side
Bow and arrow lead them to the hole
She may be the child of spring
Let her in to greet her king
She wore a madstone

Skin tight moonlight, Along her spine
Fireflies swarm wild in a chilling rite
Warm ink, sweet milk, Run down her thighs
Boil glow unknown, simmer until dawn
She may be the child of spring
Let her in and hear her sing
She wore a madstone

Madstone is available via bandcamp, here, and also via the following digital channels below.  Watch the self-produced visual for the single here, shot at various petrol stations and truck stops on the outskirts of Berlin, with the assistance of photographer, Jan Durina.


Fiordmoss play the Czech Rep on 18th, 19th March and again later in June, details here.


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