Courtesy of RTE Late Late Show
Courtesy of RTE Late Late Show

During his appearance on RTE’s ‘Late, Late Show’ tonight, the artist known as Hozier confirmed he would be releasing new music in 2017.  When asked by host, Ryan Tubridy, if we would hear new songs next year, the Irish singer/songwriter replied – “Hopefully the next time you see me, I’ll have a whole rake of new tunes”.

Hozier was appearing on the LLS to promote ‘Cherry Wine’ the proceeds for which are being divided out among several worldwide domestic abuse charities.  After playing the song live on the show, the singer discussed the background to the song, making the video with Oscar nominated Irish actress Saoirse Ronan, and how the charities will benefit from any sales and downloads – see here for more details – .

In conversation with Tubridy, Hozier explained that he already had some songs penned and that despite loving touring, which he described as a ‘by-product’ of creating music and selling albums, he was “hungry to get back to making music”.

During a humourous interactive section of the interview, Hozier was asked a series of questions taken from members of the audience and the Late Late’s Twitterati.  One such Q came by video link from a Mancunian fan who wanted to know if Hozier thought she should get a tat of his countenance on her arm, over where he signed his autograph, she proudly explained!  A blushing AHB stuttered, “Oh, there are better mugs out there … wow, that’s incredibly flattering … whatever makes you happy” before Tubridy confirmed that the fan had actually gone ahead with the tattoo, which they then showed her displaying by video link.

As gracious and natural as ever, despite being one of the most successful singer/songwriters on the planet, Hozier chatted with ease about being on the road, the things he missed – like making himself coffee and being able to get Barry’s tea, the difficulty in having relationships when you’re on the road, and trying to get home to his family as much as possible.

A beautiful soul, with a beautiful voice, who has done a beautiful thing for such a worthy charity, Hozier, we salute you.

Watch the beautifully filmed, respectful but honest visual for ‘Cherry Wine’ here; you can download the single here.  Please, please, like, support & share.

Hozier’s eponymous debut album is available, here.


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