Photo credit: Anne Valeur
Photo credit: Anne Valeur

“This song comes from a dark place, and is about the feeling of falling, and the feeling of falling into the dark. Not entirely a negative experience though, as the repeated visits to this mental state can give a certain safety.”

Norwegian artist Susanna, has a voice that sits somewhere in the realm of Joni Mitchell and Agnetha Fältskog, having both the duskiness of the former and melodic Nordic lightness of the latter.

Her current single, ‘Hole’, for which the accompanying visual has just been released, cuts across this vocal divide, covering both ends of her range. Here Susanna’s delightful vocal is in stark contrast to the song’s thematic darkness.  An honest introspective, it is a reflective monologue on slipping into mental darkness, that shadowy nowhere-land that can either be a sanctuary or can subsume and consume.
A song built on spacious electronic beats and spirals of synth, ‘Hole’ matures slowly into an inviting and delightfully melodic passage filled with uplifting instrumental flourishes and Susanna’s enchanting vocal.

The video, directed by Norwegian photographer/filmmaker Carsten Aniksdal, was shot below ground in Oslo.   Using contrasting lighting effects and varying degrees of brightness and shade, the film features a series of dance sequences shot in a confined, almost prison-like underground space.

Discussing the basis for the films concept Susanna explained:  “We wanted to illustrate the existential topic of the song with dance and movements”.

‘Hole’ is lifted from Susanna’s forthcoming album, ‘Triangle’, which will be released via SusannaSonata on 22nd April (which you’ll find featured on The Monitors) and is available to pre-order via iTunes & via SusannaSonata.  Watch the video for it here,

You can see Susanna play the following Norwegian and UK live dates (if You move quickly):

16th March – Musikkavdelingen, Trondheim, NO
17th March – Fryd Scene, Ål, NO
19th April – Café Oto, London, UK
20th April – Café Mono, Oslo, NO

You’ll find her socialising on the following s/media spaces

Susanna Facebook, Susanna Twitter, Susanna Website


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