Photo Thomas Rose
Photo Thomas Rose

If you’ve ever wondered what a sonic trance sounds like … wonder no more.  ‘Secrets’ the latest hypno-trip from Nordic trio Great News is just that AND the soporific rest.  Reviewed here by guest blogger and friend of the Derv, Eddie ‘Sweets’ Sweetman on the week of it’s release, ‘Secret’s was the catalyst for such effusive high fives as:-

“Cascading synthesisers – check, dreamy slightly psychedelic vocal – check, widescreen technicolor sound  – check.”

… And if that tickles yer pink, check out the full review, here.

So why are we whispering once again about these musical sweet little mysteries … weelll, because Great News has just gone and dropped their woozy rainbow visual accompaniment; a retro melange of shimmering psych and back-lit ‘live’ mirages tinctured with faded acid-pop colours, which you can feast your eyes on below.

Great News comprises Ole Einarsen (bass), Lars Platou (drums) & Even Kjelby (vocals, guitar) and UK folks will soon be able to bliss out into a psyched-trance ‘for real’ when the band hit sonic love-shack KOKO on 8th April for a rendezvous with rad feminist punch-poppers Sløtface for the Øya vs. Club NME ‘muso fightnight’, ticket info, here.

‘Secrets’ is out now via London-based singles club 0E0E: and you can hook up with the Great Newsers via various social media hubs … such as Facebook, Soundcloud and Twitter.


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