Some people were born to shine … bigger, brighter, bolder, ‘sunshinier’ !  They are few and far between, which is probably just as well or the rest of us would have to go around wearing sunglasses all the time!
One such ray of sunshine is the bauld Johnno Casson, aka Snippet Cuts, aka Old Tramp, aka Mr Sunshine.
Johnno Snips is a singer, performer, musician, writer, reviewer, W&T Cub host and all round entertainer who brings his warm, dazzling sunshine into the worlds of those who sit within his generous reach.
I know Johnno through his long standing gig as Fresh on the Net moderator, reviewer, new music enthusiast and new artist nurturer alongside his great inspo and friend, Tom Robinson (yes, THAT Tom Robinson).  Aside from his involvement in music, more of which anon, Johnno runs the ever growing Essex based Warm & Toasty Club, a people focussed ents and social hub the aim of which is to bring both community and the arts together in a safe, warm and welcoming space.
As well as holding these interactive social events, W&T also does a lot of wonderful work with the elderly, bringing events like the hugely popular ‘memory afternoons’ to residents in care homes. Having engaged with many elderly over the course of several years working with local charities, Johnno recognised that they could greatly benefit from just a few hours interactive participation and conversation in a friendly, caring and respectful environment.  From the simplest, tiniest act of giving people a voice to the joys of having a good old sing song, these inclusive afternoon sessions have provided much welcome friendship and laughter.
Musically, Johnno has been outputting under various guises over the years, but his main stock in trade moniker is Snippet Cuts, on whom I did a piece late last year after the track ‘We Love The Sunshine‘ from his EP, ‘The Sunshine‘, was re-mixed, read it here.  Earlier this year, Johnno released his latest album, ‘Surprise Baby’, which has received massive press coverage as well as extensive radio airplay, which brings me to the reason for this piece.
Just a few days ago, the very same Johnno was interviewed by Radio RKC.  An hour long twitter chat was had during which the station played tracks from a playlist of fave tunes put together by yours Snippetly truly.  This playlist has been whizzed into a mixtape now floating around MixCloud and you can click the link, here, to have a listen to the music that lights up Johnno’s already sunshine filled life.
But before you do, click on this little sonic sunbeam, and let Johnno drop a few rays of Snippet Cut’s #Sunshine into your world!


You can follow Snippet on Soundcloud and Twitter and his Website. His music is available via iTunes and Folkwit Records.  The link to Johnno’s RKC 60 mins mixtape is also here


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