If you could fuse the synth riffs of the Crystal Waters’ hit, ‘Gypsy Woman’, with the hot-bod pulsing beat of the J-Lo/Pitbull dance smash ‘On The Floor’, and throw in the idiosyncratic quirkiness of the B52s, the result would probably be something like ‘Dive’.  An addictive dance dynamo with more pulse-raising, energy fuelling and wing giving ingredients than Red Bull, this track marks Rangleklod’s the group’s return to the compelling beats and dark potency of their huge 2015 hit, LOST U‘.

Released under the band’s new moniker, BLONDAGE, ‘Dive’ has a duality that paves the way for a further shift towards the dichotomous symmetry of both sonic and thematic polar opposites.  While the change of nomenclature doesn’t necessarily signal a complete musical volte face, it does herald a new beginning.  

“We’ve released records with Rangleklods that we’re extremely proud of,” explains vocalist Pernille Smith-Sivertsen, “but we need a new beginning for us to keep evolving. We’re changing our name to Blondage, and our main focus is to make edgy electronic pop tunes. The name Blondage is a contraction of ‘blond’ and ‘bondage’ and to us it combines naivety and daydreaming with aggression and sensuality. It has given us an empty canvas and a greater creative energy than we’ve ever had”.

Now is that point in the review where I would usually delve into my hyperbolic handbook underlining words like, driving beats, rhythmic, ‘squinthy’ (yup, squinky synths!), golden melodies, entrancing harmonies, and vocals from a far-away land etc.  But I’m not going to. Why?  Because what I want to say, can be said in one sentence.

‘Dive’ is one bloody great funked out dance track, in the mould of all those furnace-hot dance tracks of the early 90s, and it has 100% completely blown my mind!

There, I’ve said it.  Hope you’ve got the message … but in case not,

Next time you’re in a club, if and this track comes on, neck your drink, sling your inhibition on the ground and get out there, ‘Dive’ will get you all J-Lo hot and sweaty on the dancefloor.  Meantime, if you’re at home, stop reading this and download it NOW!

Go buy this single, you need it in your collection.  If we’re really bloody lucky, Blondage will cut a 12inch version of ‘Dive’, but, BUT if an artist like FatBoy Slim, Moonbabies or M83 remixes it, we’ll have won the musical lotto.  Go, go, GO!

‘Dive’, out now via Tambourhinoceros, is available through all the usual digital entities – Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, TIDAL etc.

Blondage are still Pernille Smith-Sivertsen & Essen Andersen, and you can hook up with them via the following SM spaces – Web, Twitter and FB.



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