Photo Olav Stubberud
Photo Olav Stubberud

Lark voiced singer/composer ARY has hooked up with fellow Norwegian, electro producer, Olefonken, to create a deliciously sensual track, which they’ve accompanied with a more than risque visual that explores forbidden sexuality.

The song is aptly named ‘Quaaludes’, a banned depressant with barbituate-like hypnotic properties which had to be withdrawn from the US market due to widespread abuse.  

This heady and seductive track brings out an altogether darker and more mature side to ARY’s mesmering vocal personality. Gone is the waif like ingenue, casually but gracefully swept aside by a flirtatious, smouldering seductress with a husky, jazz-blues voice.  Olefonken’s dark and moody electronic instrumental dances dreamily beneath her spacious vocal, creating a sense of curiosity, toxic sexuality and impending danger.  The listener is involuntarily drawn into a world of powerful musical imagery, where the fear of crossing lines that aren’t meant to be crossed is overshadowed by the tantalising desire to taste ‘forbidden fruits’.

The overall effect is a pretty potent one … If anyone thought ARY was just a happy go lucky pop-pixie, think again.  There are many more hues and colours in her spectrum than you might first have been led to believe.  Watch the Thea Hvistendahl video here,


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