Photo Robert Lund
Photo Robert Lund

Danish #FunBoyTwo, Palace Winter, have entered the gilded halls of the UK’s musical mecca to reach the grail of all Holy Grails – the BBC 6 Music Playlist, their music label Tambourhinoceros has just announced.

Cracking the code of musical cool with their latest smash, ‘Soft Machine’, currently blitzing its way up UK and Euro online charts, this duo now look to be on course to become a ‘household name’ on the music scene, not just here but across mainland and Scandinavian Europe.  In less than a year, this psych-lovin’ two-piece has gone from freshening up the Faves on BBC supported, Fresh on the Net, an emerging artist support hub which was the brainchild of 6Music legend, Tom Robinson, to hitting constant airplay across top UK and EU radio stations, finally landing a coveted place on the BBC6 playlist this week.

Palace Winter have already charmed by:Larm and are now warming up to kill it at Roskilde, before they land in Wales’ Brecon Beacons where it’ll be all #go at the ‘Green Man’ Festival.  Full details on PW’s facebook page, here.  Their debut album, ‘Waiting for the World to Turn’ is out on 3rd June, full details and pre-order link, here.

In case you’ve been living in a bubble and/or had your radio switched off for the past month, here’s a link to the current Palace Winter single, ‘Soft Machine’, along with a link to the 6Music playlist, here.


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