Photo Ola Stubberud
Photo Olav Stubberud

Based in the Oslo ‘burb of Sandvika, scenic magnet for so many emerging Norwegian artists, including the lovely ARY, sextet Lovespeake have been expeditiously chipping away at the domestic music scene since their New Year debut with single, ‘DNA.  A new iteration of the now defunct Eye Emme Jedi project, it would seem that these guys cast aside their rockier studs’n’strides for a more technicolour dreamcoat of infectious post-disco pop blends.

Boasting 70s funk, fused with 80s synth, and 90’s American rock-pop, Lovespeake’s sound is a musical flotsam and jetsam, scooped together and packaged up with 21st century attitude.  Neither one thing nor the other, but a whole lot of everything, their borderless, multi-sound music with its imaginative construction and vibrant arrangements, is fresh, colourful and magnetically catchy.

Their latest release, ‘Dreamer‘, is the third single to be lifted from their debut album, which like its lead track, is entitled ‘DNA‘.  If the musical equivalent of the Olympics existed, this track could feature under the ‘electronic gymnastic’ category, and would, most likely win.

Comprising beats that have a tantalising touch of the Tropics, Mediterranean-warmed synth sequences that shine brighter than a sunlit sea, and a confection of infectious guitar melodies and sweet swirling electro-sounds, this is catchy, funked up disco pop in its ultimate form. Passing overhead like billowing clouds are dreamy, breathy vocals, whilst wisps of harmonies float wistfully alongside.

There’s so much going on in this track you could play musical join-the-dots with it and never reach an end.  The most delightful mille feuille of scrumptiousness, ‘Dreamer’ is a mouthwatering deliciousness that will leave you licking your lips in anticipation of more, which luckily, will come at the end of this week, in the form of the group’s ‘DNA’ album.

Lovespeake have found the formula for the perfect 2016 Summer-filled sound, and now, with three gilt-edged singles in the bag, are looking good for a place in the end of year Best Ofs, especially if their much anticipated debut album is of an equally high standard.  I haven’t heard it yet, BUT BOY DO I WANT TO.

Lovespeake is : Alexander Pavelich, Andrew Murray, Andreas Westhagen, Christian Balvig, Elisabeth Nesset and Martin Kaasa.

You can follow Lovespeake on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  Their debut album, ‘DNA’, will be released on 22nd April, via Toothfairy.


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