Seer Promo April 2016

Femme en Fourrure aka ‘Woman in Fur’ (Peta people take your complaints directly to source please) is actually two persons, as in ‘femmes’ Sandra Tervonen and Jusso Malin.   Per their FB bio, their music is “made for … nightly promenades and oceanside sexin'”, which I can’t imagine any sane Finnish person doing without first layerin’ up with three sets of thermals AND the aforementioned ‘fourrure’!  Be that as it may, the furnace temp’ed heat radiating from these gals’ music, is probably enough to provide sufficient ‘sexin’ suitable’ sonic central heating.

FeF have been around the block a bit, experimenting with, and developing, their sound.  Having decided upon a formula of ‘playful abandon + dreamy feminity + jet black alter ego + trance/exper’elctro fusion’ = provocatively decadent dance-pop, they’ve now unfurled their latest ebony clad compilation in the form of Double A sided single, ‘Seer/Eaten

Pop-driven, ‘club lite’, lead track ‘Seer’, is a fusion of sky high synths and bouncing bass electronica that weaves its way around a soft, reverb enhanced vocal redolent of a young Britney, albeit one with a slight Nordic nuance.

Antithetical, pitch-hued ‘Eaten’ (which features ‘Hell is Real’ Trance maestro Stilleti-Ana) carries all the hallmarks of a darkly disturbing dream .  Its sullen depths masked somewhat by vibrant washes of light filled synth sequences, this is a spiralling electronic vortex which sucks you down deeper and deeper, entwining you with it’s tangle of synthetic strands.  Vocals alternate between kisses of come-hither, and biting growls, providing a clever counterpoint that mirrors the light and shade of its musical accompaniment.

This is the Jekyll and Hyde of releases: on one hand you have the sensuous provocateur, all breathy vocal and pouting electronica; on the other stands the dominatrix, pulsating whip in hand, smokey rasping vocal and malignant dark filled melodies steeped in a cloud of synthy mists.

The ‘Seer/Eaten’ combo is pretty heady stuff  and I can only imagine that what comes next, shall prove equally compelling.  Now, what would be interesting, would be to see where FeF would take this project visually.  Something along the lines of a ‘riot of decadence’, maybe?  Hmm … let’s wait and see!

The ‘Seer/Eaten’ Double A released through FEF Corp is available to stream/download now via usual digital channels, including Spotify.

You can hook up with Femme En Fourrure via the following social channels : –

Facebook   Soundcloud   Twitter   Official Website


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