Radioheads Twitter Page

This is what has just sent music media into meltdown.  Radiohead’s Twitter Page.  Reduced to a white nothingness, on whose every move 1.58m Twitter followers hang.  CoS, Best Fit, NME, & Co.  All pumping out news of the nothingness like bullets from an out of control machine-gun.  Never has so little been so talked about. Never has white been so fashionable.  Never has Blankety Blank meant so much more than a cheque book & pen!

Is this it?  Is this it, then?  The moment we have all been waiting for.  The album the release of which, will send our fluttering hearts into a cardiac tango across the floor of our musical souls.

Will it be tonight?  On May Day…traditional international day of the worker? Will it be tomorrow?  The first Monday in May? Tick tock, Thom O’ Clock.

Radiohead’s Facebook Page

Radiohead’s last album came in the shape of ‘The King of Limbs’ released 18th February 2011.  Five years and nearly three months later, are we finally going to hear the next instalment of what has become one of the most remarkable musical stories of modern pop culture?

I say this half tongue in cheek, but also with a touch of seriousness … #watchthisspace

What should we expect? … Well according to NME …

” … photos leaked from their two years of sporadic studio sessions have seen the band working with elaborate synth set-ups as well as a full string orchestra, suggesting a plush electro direction. The band’s long-time visual collaborator Stanley Donwood, meanwhile, has described it as “a work of art.”

Rumour has it ‘Dawn Chorus’, a track worked on by Yorke as far back as 2009, has been included.  Expect the unexpected, and you probably won’t be disappointed.

In an hilarious post earlier this evening, the irreverent DiS wrote on Twitter:-

Prediction:  Radiohead to launch an app with free instrumental tracks and pay to upgrade to get vocals“.  So you see, it’s all to play for, and all up for grabs.  Everyone’s talking but no-one really knows what they’re talking about!  And the “Blank Canvas”, well that’s just a veil of torment isn’t it.  Like the long instrumental intro, it lures people into a potential false sense of expectation, provokes media into a frenzy of speculation.  Meanwhile the five “heads” are probably in the pub having a right old laugh.

In further developments this evening, it has been revealed that RH fans this weekend received “Burn The Witches” leaflets via the post.

Sing a Song of Sixpence

“Sing a song of sixpence that goes/Burn the Witch/We know where you live,” the leaflet read, with an embossed Radiohead logo. ‘Burn the Witch’ is the name of a Radiohead track thought to have originated around 2003-2005.

Now get this … listen to what he says and now listen to this …  Typical Thom eh?

For now, I’ll leave you on this fine Sunday evening of anticipation, with one of Radiohead’s most memorable live TV performances … Where were you when this gem was aired?  I know where I was.  Slap bang in front of it, glued fixatedly in awe and wonder. Which is how I’ll probably look as soon as I get their next album into my excited little mitts.

What’s the betting on the album being called “WhiteWash” or “Blank Canvas” eh?  Anyone?

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