Burn the Witch JPEG

Here we go folks … the moment we have all been waiting for has finally arrived, with the video drop for Radiohead’s new single, ‘Burn the Witch’.

Recalling scenes from Trumpton and Camberwick Green, the Chris Hopewell directed puppetfest is an eery walk around the ‘Model Village’ in which everything is perfect, including the gallows with it’s maypole-esque floral detail.   Don’t you just know that when the oversized Burning Man comes into shot that Mr Clipboard is for it.

Video Still
Video Still

With it’s haunting vocal (Yorke’s voice is seemingly ageless) and semi-classical instrumental accompaniment, ‘Burn the Witch‘ gently floats on a warm breeze, then soars magnificently into a fraught tension of frantic otherwordly strings.  Wonderfully atmospheric and embellished with layer upon layer of sinister symphonia, the track builds to a deathly crescendo yielding itself to a deliciously fraught stranglehold as it expires at the end.  Classic Radiohead … 10/10.

‘Burn The Witch’ is available on all digital services now.   Expect the internet to crash!

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