Sing a Song of Sixpence

And so it goes on … and on … and on …

Plot Genie
Nigel Godrich Twitter

On the back of Nigel Godrich‘s photo, tweeted late last night, of a page from the Plot Genie Index, source of inspo for so many creative types, those comic teasers Radiohead have now upped the anticipation ante by posting a short stop-motion vid of tweetie bird on their Instagram account.  In a further nudge, the band posted their insta-vid onto their Twitter account, prompting speculation that the release of LP9 is now more imminent that imminence itself.

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Then, no sooner had we all settled down, made a coffee, got on with our daily chores when wham, instagram number two, in the form of a witch tied to the stake surrounded by a whirling dervish of sword wielding, tunic wearing, deer-masked figures.  The visual, which looks like something out of Wallace & Gromit move to the dark side, features a brief audio of strings which most media publications are suggesting is an excerpt from the new album.  While we do know that a string orchestra was involved in the making of the album, we’ll keep our powder dry on that one, until we hear the content.

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Surely now a release is more likely than not, and sooner rather than later.

Sing a Song of Sixpence” … 

“Dawn Chorus” …

“Burn the Witch”

Are Radiohead for the birds?

All shall be revealed … !

#burnthewitch  #weknowwhereyoulive
Sticking with the birdie theme, here’s a track from their still active YT account, entitled ‘Morning Mr Magpie’




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