Nikolai Astrup 'Foxgloves'
Nikolai Astrup ‘Foxgloves’

South London is about to be turned into a temporary Nordic landscape when all things Scandinavian arrive in the shape of ‘Scandimania : Norway and Beyond’ which is set to take over Dulwich from Thursday of this week.

Launching on the 12th, ‘Scandimania‘, the idea for which was inspired by Painting Norway: Nikolai Astrup, will feature all things Scandi-cultural from art through cinema to music.  This eclectic culture-fest will also play home to a host of Scandi market stalls for culture vultures to peruse and dabble.

The aforementioned Nikolai Astrup : Painting Norway exhibition, which has been running at Dulwich Picture Gallery since February, will be brought to a very fitting close this Sunday 15th, by this wonderful celebration of Norwegian culture.

Many of us from outside of Norway will have never heard of Nikolai Astrup, but in fact he is as feted in his Norwegian homeland as is the great Edvard Munch.  Have a look at this brief video, brought to you by Dulwich Picture Gallery and/or have a read of this lovely piece from The Guardian written by Maev Kennedy.

As I already mentioned, ‘Scandimania‘ will focus not just on art but all aspects of Norwegian culture including music, and you’ll note if you look at the list of festival events, that three Norwegian music artists have been lined up to play on not just one but two days of the Scandi-fest.

Singer-Songwriter-Musicians Sasha Siem, Siv Jakobsen, and EERA will entertain ‘festivellers’ with their superb music on Friday 13th (it’ll be fine honestly!) and again on Saturday 14th.   These three ladies are currently super busy, so Dulwich is really darned lucky that they’ve been able to fit both these dates into their hectic schedules.  While Siv is currently beavering through Europe on a full EU tour, EERA is festival hopping from SPOT (just done) to Great Escape (next week), then Dot-to-Dot (end May) and Dials (June) & on.  It would seem her fest-list is endless.  Meanwhile Sasha, who has just returned from Iceland where she filmed a visual for her latest single, ‘Crow’, is preparing to release her album, ‘Bird Burning’ on 17th June, more details here.

With a host of ents for all the family from movies to weaving, ‘Scandimania‘ looks set to be a huge success that will go down a cultural storm!  If only Dulwich were in Dublin!

Full details of ‘Scandimania‘ and related events at Dulwich Picture Gallery, here.


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