Still from Dive Video Jason Idris Alami
Still from Dive Video Jason Idris Alami

No strangers to this site, Danish duo Blondage make a welcome return with their latest offering, the visual accompaniment to their Summer dance groove, ‘Dive‘.

Shot on location in NYC no less, the video which includes in-studio and on-street scenes featuring both Pernille and Esben, juxtaposed with images of African wildlife, has a really interesting visual concept.  Director Jonas Bang, who collaborated on the video with fellow Dane, M.I.L.K., himself a respected electronic artist, has cleverly replicated the zebra/lion motifs throughout, as the film flicks from colour to monochrome and back again.

Light & shade are employed sharply to cast striped shadows on a writhing Pernille, while Esben is given the more arduous task of running through New York’s streets like the hunter lion in pursuit of it’s zebra prey.

Speaking of the video M.I.L.K. posted, “I’ve spent the last month directing the music video for Blondage‘s new single ‘Dive’ together with my good friend Jonas Bang. It’s produced by prxjects and made in collaboration with Jason Idris and all the folks at spektrum studio!”.  Elsewhere over at camp Blondage E & P declared, “Amigos; we had the best days shooting this one in New York. It’s our vision of a twisted summer.”

The song itself is a rose-tinted floor-filler brimful of dreamy harmonies, playful melodies and frantic electro-beats; I reviewed ‘Dive’ on its release in April, and you can read that review in full here.  Blondage will release their debut EP later this year via Tambourhinoceros, which also plays home to Palace Winter and IRAH, and you can pre-order it here –


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