All for one

“All for one, one for all, if we all join hands and make a wall”

Recorded in Church Studios, London and produced by the legendary Paul Epworth, ‘All for One’, the first single from Madchester Maestros, The Stone Roses, in over twenty years, is a blistering sonic boom that drags ’90s Brit-psych kicking and screaming into a harder, rockier 21st century.

Swirling guitar chords like demonic fireballs, explode across an intensely frenzied and uber fuzzed landscape that acts as a sizzling hotplate that adds some serious burn to, and chars the edges of, mellow-man Brown’s psyched out, reverb-drenched vocals.

Stone Roses

This is a coruscating scorcher……and if it’s indicative of what’s to come down the line, then any album in the offing is going to hit a pretty eruptive high on the richter scale.  Fans who’ve already bought tickets for the Stone Roses upcoming gigs are in for a bloody good, hot n’ sweaty ride.

The Stone Roses play three sold out shows at Manchester’s Etihad Stadium (17th – 19th) with an additional fourth night added for 15th June, some tickets still available. They also play Madison Square Garden, NYC, on 30th June, tickets go on sale tomorrow Friday 6th, details here

‘All for One’ is available now via,  but you can listen to it here.


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