Suzette Das (vocals, piano) and Deborah Byrne (vocals, guitar) make up emerging Irish alt-pop pairing, Hvmmingbyrd and with word of the uber high quality of their songwriting/performances spreading like a fire through dry scrub-land, their latest single, ‘If Love Was Enough’ is set to propel them even further into the musical limelight.  If there’s any justice, that propulsion will help flag their growing rep as insanely talented vocalists and percipient songwriters to music audiences beyond these shores.

Wistful lyrics are spun like finely threaded colourful silk through an intricate weave of warm electronica, pulsing dance beats and latino/jungle percussion. Das’ and Byrne’s golden vocals, which are in perfect symmetry, give off an air of shimmering hopefulness, to create a bright light at the end of that dimly lit tunnel into which the up and down complexities of love can often throw us.

‘If Love Was Enough‘ was written and co-produced by Hvmmingbyrd along with Aisling Jarvis.  The touching video, which you can watch here, was directed & produced by Irish film company Crooked Gentlemen and stars actors Eoin Macken and Olivia Romao.   You can buy ‘If Love Was Enough’ via the Hvmmingbyrd Bandcamp page and keep up to speed with the duo’s gigs and releases via Facebook.  The Hvmmingbyrd girls are using the hashtag #iflovewasenough to try generate some trendin’ social media love … so join in, like/love/share.

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