This is dedicated to Jo – a gorgeous, funny, loving, loved and immensely talented person I am very proud to call my friend.

Sometimes artists are led by their head but more often they are led by their hearts, their instincts, or both.  Still, it’s not uncommon to find lyrics, that start with a gut reaction, but are fleshed out with both rhyme and reason.  Rather than drifting on a sea of emotion, they square up with a quiet, refined resolution, to address the difficult or compromising situation in which the artist finds themselves.

Let’s face it, we have all at one time or another, found ourselves in a challenging situation – one that prods and pokes both psychologically and emotionally; maybe even physically.  Many of these situations are caused by perceived differences and notions of social grandeur swept with disdain like cashmere pashminas over the shoulders of the various ‘castes’ and classes within our tribes, parishes, communities, workplaces and/or organisations.

But just what makes someone different?  Who sets down the criteria?  What defines beauty and why is it that external scars are considered ugly in comparison with the internal scars that so often go unseen or unnoticed? Who set the bar for normal and why is it that nonconformists should be compelled to conform and by whose rules?  “We are ONE but we are NOT the same!”*

We are all of us born free from bias; it is both the culture and society and in which we grow and evolve that taint the innocence of our childish hearts and minds. Put a child in a playground with other children, and they will, after time, take the hands of those around them.  They will trust them, laugh with them, play with them, tumble with them.  They do not see colour, or creed, or gender – they see other children. Other children just like them.

So why is it, that we as adults, cannot emulate our children.  Why can we not see past the prejudices that surround and chip away at our daily lives, and just let others simply ‘be’.  There is no right or wrong, superior or inferior, perfect or imperfect.  We are all flesh and bone, with none of us worth more than the other, so why is it, that we cannot accept that?  Why is it, that we try to put people like pegs into holes that we have fashioned for them?  That we try, against the might of nature, to make people something or someone which they are not.  And, when some have the very gall to stand up and say, “I am not a fit for your standard, I do not want to be that person you think I should” then we shun, cast off, criticise and ostracise.

I have my beliefs, you have yours … you live your life, I’ll live mine.  But we can still be friends.  We can still drink, laugh, dance, flirt, debate and argue.  We won’t always agree – that’s what makes us humans different from other animals and, makes our lives so varied, interesting and colourful.  Fundamentally speaking “We ARE ONE, BUT we are NOT THE SAME”*.  It’s time we all accepted that fact, and, each other.

Photo: @GetInHerEars
Photo: @GetInHerEars

To take us out, you’ll find the Soundcloud link below to ‘Churches’, the latest track release from Winchester duo, Temples of Youth, comprising Paul Gumma and Jo Carson. Specialising in lo-fi electronica wrapped around subtle, evocative guitar and soft, percussive beats, theirs is a sound defined by its refined understatement.  Reserved yet moving vocals translate perfectly the striking prescience of Jo’s lyricism.  ToY’s music has received the undisputed support of team BBC6 Music from Tom Robinson to Huw Stephens through Steve Lamacq to the moderati at new artist support hub, Fresh on the Net.  Temples are currently on the gigocircuit and having done Blissfields, Birthdays and Brighton, they are short listed to live’n up the Joiners, Southampton, on 10th August: details of this and all other gigs on their Facebook page.

All proceeds from the sale of Churches is being donated to the Equality Florida fund, and you can stump up to the bumper here on the Temples’ Bandcamp page.

*Quote is from “One” Written by Paul Hewson & David Evans and performed by U2.


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