Photo Fabian Framdal Fjeldvik
Photo Fabian Framdal Fjeldvik

The past year has seen young Norwegian band Sløtface grow into their musical skin as it were, and having heard their latest single ‘Take Me Dancing’, I think it’s pretty fair to say that this four-piece have finally found a sound clearly identifiable as theirs.  Sitting somewhere on the musical midpoint, ‘Take Me Dancing’ is a canny blend of sassy Blondie style power-pop and melodic noize.  With shades of the punked up Summer of ’79 and the shine of ‘alternative night’ at Studio 54, the track finely balances its mild-mannered pop sensibilities with an edgier neo-punk alter ego.

“But now I’m much older than I’ve ever been, Now I’m getting cold I need to knit myself a prince”

Pumelling percussion, a tight-knit guitar jam with archetypal intent and then some, and Shea’s signature vocals are the core ingredients for this potent pop recipe.  Shea’s voice is warm and strong; a youthful confident command with a curious idiosyncrasy of ending lines with a questioning uptick.  The lyrics are as always, a little sweet on the outside with a slightly acidic counter on the bite.

What marks this song out, what sets it apart from its predecessors, is the pervading sense of musical maturity and, the uber-excellent production, and oh boy, is this one well produced song!  Musically speaking, the strength and symmetry of the instrumentation on this track, is a clear indicator of how far this band has progressed and matured over the course of the past twelve months.

Take Me Dancing CoverArt
Take Me Dancing CoverArt

 “Please get me a little drunk, I won’t ask why!”

If you like your riot with a bit of poppy pep in its step and happen to find yourself in & around Oslo on Tuesday 9th August, hoppit over to Parkteatret for 7pm where you’ll be one of the super-lucky vØyagers to see this quartet of attitudinal effervescence perform this and several more hits live… and when I say, live, I mean ‘LIVE’.  Full, energiser bunny animation.  Their set is part of the fabster Klubbdagen Night that marks the annual kick off of the Norwegian Glasto, Øyafestivalen. Details of the Parkteatret event, here.

Sløtface is: Haley Shea (Vocals),  Lasse Lokøy (Bass Halvard),  Skeie Wienck (Drums), and  Tor-Arne Vikingstad (Guitar).

Follow Sløtface on Facebook, Twitter and the rest of the usual social paraphernalia. Check out ‘Take Me Dancing’ here … see you in Parkteatret on 9th!

PS. For the record, the Blondie song that keeps coming to mind is this …


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