Photo Riot Factory
Photo of Ludvig Moon Riot Factory

Trondheim based indie record label Riot Factory have a happy habit of signing wickedly hip and seriously talented acts that churn out memorable music like Norwegian dairy farmers churn out Brunost; down pat!

Set up by three music mad amigos some mucho moons ago, the Riot label has become synonymous with both identifying and nurturing some of the most unique and spirited of indie / alternative talents to emerge from that Norwegian cradle of music, Trondheim. Farao, Highasakite and Bendik all cut their tyro teeth in this house of fun, which now boasts the creme de l’alt nouveau creme of indie music in the form of Gold CelesteSnøskred and Tellef Raabe .

Of the myriad mouthwatering music-mongers these riotous ravers have on their roster, four will take to the stage for your delectation on the opening #Klubbdagen night of Øyafestivalen.  Yep, you can sink your teeth into the meaty madness of music by Commonplace, walk in the thunderous wake of punk/noize dinosaurs, Sauropod, float in the inky night skies illuminated by the stars of Ludvig Moon and/or get up close and cuddly with those adorable Pandas*2.  See below for full details.

Dinosaurs of the rockier side of the Riot stable, Sauropod are no strangers to whipping up a crowd with their noisesome fare and their headline set at Verkstedet bar should be pretty bloody thunderous and then some!  The ironically named ‘Sunny Day‘ was released as a single in the depths of darkest January, read my review here, preceding their more aptly entitled album, ‘Roaring at the Storm’ which with much-a-play on words, was a roaring success.  Sauropod produce music darker than night but seriously switch the light on with their canny and often witty lyrics … not for the faint-hearted but worth the morning after temp tinnitus.

Sauropod Live July 2016
Sauropod Live July 2016

Back in darkest March, and oh boy was it dark, and cold, myself and the guys over at The 405 had the pleasure of premiering the raw, unnerving neo-punk track ‘Complex Mental State’ from five-piece postpunkers commonplace! Coincidentally, the very same band have a new single, ‘Her Sultry Eyes’ out on release this week on 3rd August (sorry, no advance sneak peeks), but here’s a deco at the artwork.  Tune into the bands FB page here, to give it an early post-release hearing on Wednesday!

Her Sultry Eyes Cover

In the meantime, clear the cobwebs with this sonic scouring pad and prepare yourself to be hyped to the ceiling when they perform this number live next week!

Earlier this year, sextet Ludvig Moon released ‘Cult Baby’, the lead single from their forthcoming album, to rapturous media applause.

Photo courtesy Ludvig Moon
Photo courtesy Ludvig Moon

Hailed by Best Fit as a “soaring, small scale epic”, ‘Cult Baby’ catapulted LM into the realm of UK music media and fans alike, setting the band in seriously good stead for any future releases and/or live dates.  To boot, the accompanying visual was pretty nifty and not one to go unnoticed!  I did my own wee bit of waxing lyrical about both and you can read my review here. While you’re doing so, you can give ‘Cult Baby’ another listen (‘cos we know you’ve already heard it, right?).

Last but definitely not least are personal faves, Panda Panda.  My fangirling of the Pandas was born out of a huge addiction to their first single, ‘New Friends’, the pull of which was so strong it lead me to bump the Riot club-night during Trondheim Calling in favour of the packed out PP gig at Blaest, which due to some very inconsiderate timing on the part of the festival organisers, was on the same night.  Ironically, Panda Panda, a then unsigned band, were to sign with said jilted Rioters only a matter of weeks later!  Where I lead and all that … !

Panda Panda at Ladehammerfestivalen
Panda Panda at Ladehammerfestivalen

Since being signed to the Riot label, Panda Panda have dropped more singles, as well as their debut EP, Millions.  They’ve spent the Summer dipping between festivals and studio, and a full length album should be in the offing in the not too distant future.

In the meantime, you can pop in to see Panda Panda and their Riot stablemates in various venues across Oslo on Tuesday 9th August, details below.  Until then, we’ll leave you with that magnetic first heard, never forgotten single, ‘New Friends’.  See you in Oslo!   For further information on Riot Factory, check out their website,

Tuesday 9th August, Oslo, all events are part of the official Øyafestivalen club night or Klubbdagen.  Øya runs from 9th to 13th August, and all details of artists and the full festival programme can be found on the official website,

Hosted by SubScene Oslo              

23.00 High Tone Low
22.00 Panda Panda
21.00 Tirades
20.00 Syndrom

Hosted by Verkstedet Bar

23.30 Sauropod
22.30 Frances Wave
21.30 Simen Mitlid
20.30 Skóg
19:30 Ludvig Moon

Hosted by BLÅ

00:30 LIIMA (DK)
23:30 Death Team (SE)
22:30 PRTLVX
21:30 commonplace
20:30 Stian Westerhus
19:30 Moon Relay


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