Foto of ARY by Mohammed Sarmadawy
Foto of ARY by Mohammed Sarmadawy

When I first started writing about Nordic music, Norwegian music in particular, one name kept cropping up again, and again, and again … ARY.

Ary! Ary? Ary who?  No amount of googling pulled up any ‘Ary’ until finally one day some intensive searching pulled up a track listed under Norwegian electronica kingpin, Carl Louis‘Telescope’, released in September 2015, is a dazzling ride across an inky night sky, illuminated by the radiant warmth and playful colour of featured artist, ARY’s vocal.

Subsequent deep diving brought me ‘Higher’ to the now internationally recognised more feelgood than sugar, serotonin inducing electro-pop hit – 750k plays on Spotify alone and counting!  Released earlier in 2015 as part of the various artists Orange Collection, ‘Higher’ is the track which propelled ARY from the shadows into the glare of international media.

But just who is ARY? Twentysomething Ariadne Loinsworth hails from Trondheim, the mecca of Norwegian music, a city to which musicians flock like bees to honey.  A little over 18 months ago, Ariadne, or Ary (written ARY) for short, was just another young girl, working by day and playing her music to small crowds of café society in her spare time.  Plucked from obscurity by the razor sharp A&R minds of indigenous Norwegian record label Toothfairy, ARY relocated to Sandvika, which since then has not just acted as home, but also as the musical and creative hub from and within which she has sparked off fellow label mates, producers, and other upcoming musicians.

Earlier this year, I travelled to Trondheim for the annual TC festival.  One of the highlights of my trip was meeting this upcoming songstrel, who as it turns out, makes for hilarious, fascinating and hugely entertaining company!  The pleasure was all mine, and you can read the write up for The 405 here.  ARY played a killer set (along with Carl Louis and Fay Wildhagen) at TC, from which she moved on to play by:Larm before knocking it outta the Danish park at Roskilde.

Late spring saw the release of ‘Quaaludes’ (you can read my review here) a song which was released as part of an audio-visual experimental project, and on which ARY collaborated with electro-master Olefonken.  This track, particularly the wonderfully nuanced, exceptionally evocative vocal delivery, took this upcoming artist to an altogether other level.  One can clearly perceive how both vocally and personally, this young artist has matured from the slightly timid ingénue of ‘Telescope’ to the more elegantly provocative on ‘Quaaludes’.  There are constants throughout this transition and one of them is playfulness – ARY is indeed mistress of the art of playful delivery.  The hint of mischief is always there, both on and off stage!

In between amazing festival goers across the Euro circuit, ARY has continued to work in studio with various producers on new music, some of which has already been performed live on her festival sets; ID tracks dipping their toes into the sea of music connoisseurs to test the market as it were.

As ARY now prepares to take the stage to play to the biggest audience of her career, it surely can’t be long now before we are treated to an ARY solo/debut release.  The time is now, the time is ARY.  Grab it girl, it’s yours!

ARY plays Øyafestivalen Wednesday 10th Hagen Stage 20.55 – full details of this and links to the rest of the line up here,


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