Located in the magical surrounds of sunny Sandvika, record label Toothfairy is home to a synthtastic brood of some of Norway’s most promising electronic fledglings.   The Norwegian label boasts the toast of electronica on its roster with Carl Louis, Coucheron and Nils Noa just some of the high profile names from the pulsating world of dub beats that have set up their synth stall in Sandvika.  They also make up just over half of the lineup for the Toothfairy hosted Øya Klubbdagen event, full details here, being held on Tuesday 9th August at Oslo venue, The Villa, as part of the overall festival kick-off.


In total five wizards of the Toothfairy school of electronic magic will show off their wares starting with twentysomething Stavanger native, Alexander Thorstvedt, aka Strangelove, whose fervent fusion of organic with electronic sounds has seen his music feature on both Norwegian TV and radio series.  You can hear the gorgeous, ethereal ‘Ghost’, his collaboration with Trondheim singer/songwriter ARY on our Toothfairy Klubbdagen playlist below.

Next out of the techno trap will be the artist fka Baardsen.  Now known as Baya, this guru of the mixing desk has worked with the likes of Warpaint, Grimes and Dan Croll.  This nimble fingered and hugely creative remixer is also a worthy music maker in his own right, and having released his first single ‘Luft’ under this new moniker earlier in March, will reveal his debut album come September. We wish him well.  Listen to ‘Luft’ on our playlist below!

Taking centre stage is Carl Louis, the brains behind international hits such as ‘Telescope‘ and ‘Apogee’, which you’ll find on our playlist below (the former featuring, once again, Toothfairy ingénue, ARY, the latter, Lovespeake lege, Pav).  Noticing a bit of a trend here … this TF crew are very tightknight yes? 

AKA the ‘prince of Norwegian electronica’  in a follow up to his 2015 mini album, Carl Louis is due to release TUUNNES this Autumn (those TF boys are gonna be busy, busy, busy!).  Renowned for his blistering live sets, do whatever it takes to witness his stint at Øya, it’s goin’ to be a scorcher!

The last time I met Norwegian producer Coucheron, he was back in Norway from the US for a couple of weeks chillin’ followed by some spinnin’ with a few of his fave collaborators.  Six months later sees the Grammy nominated (yup!) production guru back in Oslo and he’ll be taking to the decks for the penultimate slot, no double kickin’ it with club faves such as ‘Alive’, ‘Ruby’ and my personal poison – ‘Chameleon’.

Nils Noa
Nils Noa

Wrapping up the TF club-mania will be The Godfather of Underground, ie., Nils Noa.  There isn’t much I can say about this techno warrior that hasn’t already been said, and then some.  With a reputation that spans the WW spectrum and a horde of hits under his electro-belt, Nils is also the brains behind nature loving Troll Records which he set up along with fellow muso Christian Sol.  Nils has just released new sounds in the form of ‘Makeover Man’ which you can hear on the playlist below.

With such a fabster line up of electronic maestros there is no question that the Toothfairy/The Villa night will be one of the main attractions/hottest tickets in Oslo town next Tuesday night … The advice from the main TF man “get there early” … Damn right!

Find out more about the Toothfairy label here, and for the full festival programme and details of participating artists look no further than the official Øyafestivalen website, (English version also avail, just click the flag).

Toothfairy Klubbdagen Hosted by The Villa -:

21-01.00 Free entry ID:20

21.00 Strangelove

21.45 Baya

22.30 Carl Louis

23.15 Coucheron

00.15 Nils Noa

Listen to our Toothfairy  Øya Klubbdagen Spotify Playlist here … enjoy x


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