Bayonne aka Roger Sellers
Bayonne aka Roger Sellers

If you pulled a galaxy of stars down from the night sky and, cast them, as an elfin net shot through with beads of shimmering energy, across a studio of piano keys and samplers, the result would be on a par with the resplendent iridescence that is ‘Appeals’, the latest offering from Austin (Tx) based electro-whizzkid producer Bayonne.   

Waltzing droplets of twinkling starry energia spin and soar, burst and explode in this new fantasia from the Texan electro-oracle, a stellar sonic web spun with a rapidity and pinpoint accuracy akin to that of the mesmeric ‘speed of sound’ musicianship of Philip Glass.

As a frenzy of piano loops is infused with electronic rotations and even more layers of cyclical sequences, an assortment of spectacular images is conjured up, from running through the snow-kissed vast lands of the Nordics, to the animated flow of bubbling brooks bouncing downhill over shiny coloured stones, feeding their hinterlands with life and vitality.

But the picture that most springs to mind when listening to ‘Appeals’ is that of purity and transparency, of healing and invigoration, all the things one thinks of when the word ‘crystals’ is mentioned.  And, it is indeed crystals that form the centrepoint of the new Zach Stone directed visual for this Bayonne composition.

Speaking of the visual Stone explained, “The visuals for ‘Appeals’ were an experiment in creating the illusion of growing crystals using household objects like ziploc bags, cellophane, and plastic trinkets. We shot a lot of real crystals as well, attempting to blur the line between the organic and artificial materials.” 

Primitives Artwork
Primitives Artwork

‘Appeals’ isn’t just electronic pop.  It is wildly beauteous, electronic pop-fantasy that dances and pirouettes with vital and enigmatic charm.  A magical iridescence of sound, this song is a perfect combination of jewellery box fascinator, modern day experimentation and best of breed pop, stamped with all the hallmarks of virtuoso musicianship and technique, finished off with high-end, precision production.

Speaking about the germination of the idea for ‘Appeals’, Bayonne explained: “‘Appeals‘ was one of the first songs I ever composed using a sample cut completely from an older song. The piano loop at the beginning was cut from a song that I recorded when I was about 17. I liked the way the piano sounded, so I wrote a whole new song around that loop.” 

Watch the wondrous visual to ‘Appeals’ and lose yourself in the scintillating energy of the musical stars with which Bayonne has lit up our nocturnal world.

Bayonne will play a series of live dates in October including London’s Shacklewell Arms on 20th and Bristol’s Simple Things on 22nd.  You can keep in check with more gig, music release and other news via his socials, details here:

Facebook  Twitter  Website  Instagram

Bayonne’s debut album ‘Primitives’ is due for release on November 4th via City Slang and can be pre-ordered here, ‘Primitives’ .  [You can also view the tracklist below.]

‘Primitives’ track list:

  1. Intro
  2. Appeals
  3. Spectrolite (video)
  4. Marim
  5. Waves
  6. Steps
  7. Lates
  8. Omar
  9. Living Room (Bonus Track)
  10. Hammond (Bonus Track)
  11. Sincere (Bonus Track)

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