Tempesst Photo BDB Land
Tempesst Photo BDB Land

… or, in other words, when you’re down, there’s only one way to go, so why not join ‘Brian’ and look on the bright side!

Music is a funny thing, and the throw-back connections it can so quickly form in your minds eye, or ear even, can oft be especially bizarre.  Take this track, ‘Broke Down Blues’ by boomerang Londoners, Tempesst.  I clicked play on the YT link, ‘cos that’s what I was supposed to watch right, their new live video shot amidst the chimneyscapes of East London.

Except of course all I can hear when the percussive beat kicks in is America’s ‘Horse With No Name’. The mind boggles!  Of course my #tbt kinda mind isn’t helped by the slacker-Americana vibe and yodelayheehoo cowboy drawl of the vocal!

A couple of stiff coffees later…and I can still hear cowboys, except now as the strings kick in, we’re heading in the direction of Dexy’s Midnight Runners.  So I down tools and go on a bit of an investigatory snoop around the socials to check out just who Tempesst are and what they’re about.

Toma Banjanin, Andy Banjanin, Eric Weber, and Jesse Hutchence are the key ingredient make up of this band who claim to be from London but I’m convinced are from Australia.  Further digging confirms that not only am I correct, yes there are Oz connections but furthermore, the Banjanins*2 are not just bros, they are in fact twins.  Now while they’re FB says they’re unsigned, this single, ‘Broke Down Blues‘ was released by 0E0E, spin off label of Norwegian giant, Propeller Recordings.

Broke Down Rules

Choral harmonies redolent of the top notes at the intro to ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’ (#tbt won’t go away). swathes of slide, lying back in a hammock lazy cowboy drone guitars muddled with Americana acoustic, and a vocal marinated in molasses swirl around in front of a backdrop of slacker percussion.

‘Broke Down Blues’ is an easy on the ear, delightful on the soul, kinda song that fits well coming towards the end of a hard week.  “Celebrating the broken” (we like), its ‘things can only get better’ attitude spins only positive from negative, which is how things should be … no point in kicking a guy when he’s down, why not just reach out your hand to help him get back up instead.

The stripped back live version of the video shot in East London, adds to the easy feeling vibe of the original.  Whilst pushing the vocals a little more to the fore. this pared back offering exposes a more interesting instrumental sound, with its duality of acoustic guitars offset by the quirky combination of xylophone and harmonium, all led by the beat of a single drum with tambo on the side.

Who wouldn’t want to see these boys do a live-jam … sunny evening, couple of beers, cool beats, what more could you want?

‘Broke Down Blues’ is available on all digital channels via 0E0E, link here – https://0e0e.lnk.to/broke-down-blues

You can watch the Eastenders Live Episode here, or scroll down further for the pre-recorded “one we made earlier” via Soundcloud! Either way, dip your toe in the Tempesst social pond, here, and get to know what is surely an Americana cum Psych outfit worth further exploration.

Tempesst headline London’s MOTH CLUB on 29th September, get your tickets here:  http://bit.ly/28P1iMq



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