Is there something in the not so Summery air of 2016?

Every which way I turn, there’s a new surf washed, sun soaked, verdant hued, cuica filled, Malibu flavoured, tropical popical cocktail shimmying through the sonic skies.  From Lovespeake‘s ‘Dreamer’ to Surfalot‘s ‘Everybody Needs Somebody‘ and most recently Young Dreams with ‘Of The City‘, the sonic summer has been cruisin’ Caribbean seas and rockin’ out reggae stylee.

Latest addition to the musical meteorological phenomena that is ‘tropical-rock n indie with a calypso twist’ (I’m sure there’s a prize for the best cocktail with musical undertones, overtones and muddles) is Spanish native, Fresh on the Net fave and London latino, Señor Gizmo Varillas.

After hearing his latest drop, ‘Give A Little Love‘ he’ll now be forever known as Valentino Varillas.

The song was released over a month ago and while I could give several excuses as to why this is only now coming to light, you’d be bored by number 33.  In my defence, I was one of those who blew a plume of white smoke in this track’s direction when it featured on FOTN earlier this Summer.  Having previously had the pleasure of reviewing Gizmo’s collaboration with Le Parody some twelve months before, when it featured on the Fresh Faves, I was already quite the fan of his work.

Gizmo BBC Int

Taken from him upcoming debut album, ‘El Dorado‘, itself set for release later in 2016, ‘Give a Little Love’ is the musical equivalent of cheeky flirtation, holiday romance and a bit of after-hours foreplay, rolled into a sonic cocktail of the ‘Sex on the Beach’ variety.

It’s a heady mix of inviting acoustic riffs, salsa-dancing under velvet smooth basslines and reggae style jammin’, over which Varillas casually throws his ‘come hither’ vocal, with such charming ease as to make it futile to resist.  Just to make this tropical tantaliser all the more seductive, the Spaniard drops a little Latino lingo of love … Que Venga Sin Temor!  Game over!

Infectious, alluring, and upbeat, ‘Give a Little Love’ is the kind of sunset hued music that al fresco Summer evenings were made for!

Not only does Varillas have an incredibly warm and hypnotic voice, his guitar playing skills are equally spellbinding.  A gifted singer, songwriter and musician, Gizmo Varillas is the total package, and based on what we’ve heard to-date, his album is bound to be an exotic medley of equally dazzling and captivating proportions.

The music of Gizmo Varillas has been regularly featured on BBC Introducing London with ‘Give a Little Love’ getting an airing and lotta love from their man about new tunes, Gary Crowley, in July.

As for Gizmo himself, well, after spending his Summer busily buzzing from gig to festival to Somerset House (très posh), the Spaniard will pass October touring Germany and Switzerland in the company of Madison Violet before returning to play London’s Ronnie Scotts on 15th November.

Follow on FB or sign up to the mailing list for further Gizmo related information.  His promisingly entitled debut album, ‘El Dorado’ is scheduled for release on 4th November via Musica Records, and is available to pre-order now via iTunes, or, in a limited ed signed CD format, here.  Meanwhile, a three-track EP containing the hit single, ‘Give a Little Love‘ is currently available on iTunes.  All that remains to say, is go show a lotta love to ‘Give A Little Love’, “Que Venga Sin Temor“!


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