Still from 'Sports' DÓTTIR x FUFANU
Still from ‘Sports’

Icelandic rock renegades, Fufanu, have in their usual, unorthodox manner, just dropped a late night surprise release with ‘Sports‘, the lead single from their upcoming as yet to be named, sophomore album.  The band made good on their promise to post the track with its accompanying self-directed video, which was conceived of and filmed, in collaboration with Icelandic creatives, DÓTTIR.

Another intensely atmospheric and highly charged affair, ‘Sports’ makes a perfect ‘cruise collection’ outfit, to transition the band from the sound of their debut, ‘Few More Days To Go‘, to its newest sibling.

These Fufanu guys have such a penchant for espionage fuelled, thriller riddled, mystery driven soundtracks that they should be working with spaced out filmmakers and TV dramatists on all things Nordic Noir and Jason Bourne.

‘Sports’ predecessor, the De Vries remix of ‘Plastic People‘, all lopsided wonk and 60s sci-fi, contained an air of dark menace and shady subterfuge that has carried forward into the latest single. As black and forbidden as the nocturnal sea, the track opens with a persistent high voltage thrum and pulse, over which waves of electronica lap and wash, like an ebbing tide gliding over cold dark sands.

Currents of stinging guitar ripple and writhe adding to the tracks already mounting tension, while behind the reverbed scenes lies the compelling yet mellowed vocal of Kaktus Einarsson, redolent of Ian Brown c. ‘Fools Gold’.  Einarsson’s wickedly mischievous, high wattage personality shines through an intriguing vocal underlaid with a hint of sensuality.

Exploratory and dynamical, ‘Sports’ is like a taster menu of myriad sample sounds and moving parts.  A melting pot of diversity which precludes Fufanu from being wedged into any single silo – indie, rock, electronic- thus allowing their music to explore and evolve label free, in an experimental, alternative universe.  In other words, it is ‘genre fluid’.

Fufanu is Kaktus Einarsson and Guðlaugur Einarsson.  ‘Sports‘ is available to stream/download now via One Little Indian or the usual digital channels.  Fufanu will release their second album later in the Autumn and to keep up with its progress, follow them on Facebook.  The band will play the Iceland Airwaves Festival on home turf in November, which will this be this reviewers first time to see them live!  We’re excited!!


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