Royksopp & Susanne Sundfor
Royksopp & Susanne Sundfor

RöykSund have dropped a new track, ‘Never Ever’. I haven’t been this excited since I discovered their totally Nordic cover of ‘Ice Machine‘ on YT just over two years ago – a cover which I might add, heralded new blogging beginnings and triggered the creation of DervSwerve.

One of life’s happy accidents, I happened upon it when trying to find a live version of the Mode B-side, and there to my surprise were two guys seemingly plugged into the Norwegian grid, a previously unheard of singer and a troupe of mutant ninja drummer boys ripping the skins off their snares. All in the glorious scarlet haze that was Live on Lydverket!

It was love at first sight/sound/beat … The Tundran vocal with its Himalayan reach and the hypnotic spaghetti bolognaise of electronica with more twisting loops than the London Orbital, served with a black army of insistent drums on the side.  To this day, it remains my fave DM cover and, one of my preferred Röyksopp collaborations, of which there have been many.

Aside: RöykSund, if you do happen to read this, there’s more than one Mode fan wants to know when you’re going to release ‘Ice Machine’ as a single!!

There’s nothing wrong with stand alone Röyksopp or Susanne Sundfor releases, far from it.  Nor their third party collaborations for that matter.  It is simply just that there is something truly magical about this triumvirate – this supreme collaborative being – that transcends all others.

Never Ever
Never Ever

Blessed with more talents than a Babylonian tax collector, RöykSund fuse ingenious electro-engineering skills with an unsurpassed ability to deliver the most immaculate of soaring vocals that retain enough pop sensibilities to keep them down on the dancefloor.  And that’s exactly where you’ll find ‘Never Ever‘, down and dirty on the dancefloor, writhing around to a ‘Soul Train’ remix, dressed as a ‘Desperately Seeking’ Madonna wannabe.

Frosted vocals, more cut glass than British royalty are thawed by hot, pulsating electronica in this ‘classic pop’ comp.  Indulging in analog synths of a calibre that’d make Alan Wilder cry with nostalgia, and more hyperactive beats than Phil Oakey and Georgio Moroder could have imagined in their wildest ‘electric dreams’, this is strobe-lit 80s disco-mania accessorised with fine Norwegian crystal – instead of paste and leopard skin –  and its addictive. Intoxicating in fact.

‘Never Ever’ is pure disco ball.  A spinning, glittering dance track that harks back to an age of pioneering electronica, when Jackson was king, Madonna was queen, and Mode ruled the world.

‘Never Ever’ by Röyksopp and Susanne Sundfor is available now via all digital channels – see here.  Follow Röyksopp Susanne Sundfor and Dervswerve on Facebook.

Susanne Sundfor plays Oslo Spektrum this coming Saturday 17th – tickets plus free download of her new single, Reincarnation, here.  Keep your eyes peeled, you never know who you might spot in the crowd, #RYXP.

Listen to ‘Never Ever’ via the Spotify or Soundcloud links below.  


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