Photo AKAM1k3
Photo AKAM1k3

At times there is something utterly otherworldly about the songs crafted by Norwegian rising star ‘du jour’, ARY.  An otherwordliness quickly negated on meeting this young artist in the flesh.  One is immediately struck by her ‘matter of factness’ while simultaneously warming to her self-deprecating sense of humour.

The normality and ‘realness’ that underpin Ariadne Loinsworth, belie the Himalayan imagination and scalable creative engine that frantically whir beneath.  For this creative ingenue is forever composing, writing, scribbling, tinkering, producing and plain old playing music.

Her musical output over the past twelve months has gone into overdrive as her switch from passenger to the production driving seat has put her firmly in control of her own destiny, as it were.

Having kept her fans waiting an incredibly long 12months+ for the follow up to her debut single ‘Higher‘, the Nordic chanteuse sprang a September surprise when she announced single deuxièmeThe Sea’, a cherry-picked soundtrack to NRK’s latest multi-million dollar blockbuster drama series, ‘Nobel’, the rights to which have been syndicated worldwide.

Put that in your pipe …


Now, in a volte face of her modus operandum, Ary has dropped single number three, less than two months later! Another film soundtrack, it’s entitled ‘The End‘ and it comes, literally at the end of the new sports doc, ‘Supervention 2‘.  A wickedly shot, fast paced, sheer vertical drop of a film about sports skiers and snowboarders, it is not for the faint hearted or folks who like me suffer from vertigo!  Watch the trailer, here.

A collaboration with Jonathan Sigworth, ‘The End’ sees ARY at her classic otherwordly finest.  Her bewitching breathy vocal soars, elevating the snow-cold electronica that shimmers and sparkles beneath its pristine state.  With a lofty elegance redolent of the ‘on the wing’ harmonies of ABBA’s ‘The Eagle‘, this track ascends and floats aloft a vast instrumental spaciousness.

Set in a constant state of elevation it recalls the sky-high altitude champion skiers reach before facing the sheer plumb drops down the sides of some of the world’s most majestic mountains.  An intoxicating vocal fused with an hypnotic synth ballet, if I could use but one word to describe this song, it would simply be, ‘beautiful’.

‘The End’ is out now via Petroleum records and can be streamed on Spotify.

In other news, ARY has been nominated for Best Newcomer over at  Details of all noms, here.  You can keep up to speed with her ARYness via Facebook & Twitter, where you’ll also find YT – @DervSwerve.  And so, we’ve come to, ‘The End’!


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