Single Review: Sigma – Find Me ft. Birdy

Millie Bobby Brown by Christopher Sims
Millie Bobby Brown by Christopher Sims

Once upon a bus journey, I caught the tail end of an acoustic piano song on the radio.  Enchanting, delightful, and unforgettable, it wasn’t groundbreaking, but it had a special something in the form of a memorable vocal with a nuance, control and clarity beyond its 14 years. The song segued into another on the radio playlist, so the singer’s identity remained a mystery.

Every now and then, I’d hear mention of a name the originality of which ensured it was glued onto the pasteboard of my mind. Birdy – the word conjures up the most fragile and mellifluent of images – whose name found an empty spot in my musical cache, despite my never having heard any of the artists songs.

Then one day as I was browsing through the stacks at Tower Records, I came across a CD entitled, ‘Fire Within.  It was 2013, and Jasmine Lucilla Elizabeth Jennifer van den Bogaerde aka Birdy, had just released her second album.  The name struck a chord, and the intense B&W photo kind of resonated with me, so without having heard it, or read any reviews, I bought the album.

As the words to ‘Wings‘ kicked in, something clicked.  The wheels of my memory started to turn, as that voice with all its fearless self-assurance and youthful purity effortlessly tossed the lyrics around its upper reach.  Gritty but not forceful, controlled but with enough fluidity to flow into the melody, this was a vocal with the maturity of a more seasoned performer.

The album was followed by a string of live performances.  Simultaneously, several Birdy tracks were picked up by international TV series (eg Vampire Diaries) and film soundtracks alike, thereby giving the artist huge exposure across the North Americas and ensuring her fanbase went from local to universal.

Earlier in Spring 2016, Birdy released ‘Beautiful Lies‘, her third and most exploratory album to-date, a compilation which saw her ramp up to an altogether more expansive, textured and powerful level.  Exquisitely performed and meticulously arranged, ‘Beautiful Lies‘ has a depth and potency that lift Birdy to the heights of such contemporary ‘supers’ as Florence Welch and Marina Diamandis.

Since the LP’s release and subsequent chart sucess in more than 40 countries, the singer has played a myriad sell out shows including a stellar homecoming at the Hammersmith Apollo.  Brit & Grammy nominations as well as a worldwide sales tally of 10million+ sit alongside Birdy’s status as the biggest selling female artist in the UK, 2016 to-date.

Her latest foray is into the techno world of fellow English artists, drum & bass DJ and production duo, Sigma.  The pair’s latest single, ‘Find Me‘ features this young shooting star on vocals, while the main attraction of the nocturnal video, which was shot on the streets of Los Angeles, is Millie Bobby Brown, a 12-year old actress who lip syncs with a dramatic flourish.

Find Me’ is the first single to be taken from Sigma’s second album ‘Life‘.  The irresistible track blends Birdy’s touching lyrics and pristine vocal through infectious precision-beats and trademark soaring strings. The single is out today via 3 Beat Records & you can watch the accompanying video here!

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