Photo Kristoffer Lislegaard

There is something disturbingly sinister about the musical canvas on which Vilde Nupen traces the lyrics of the lead track from Sgrow‘s forthcoming album series.  Yes, you read that correctly, series!

‘Is Anyone Where They Want To Be’ is the first single to be lifted from the electronic duo’s impending series entitled Circumstance.  With the initial album expected out this Autumn and an early 2018 date pencilled in for the follow-on release. it’s going to be a busy year for this Norwegian pair.

Already dividing their time between Toronto and Oslo, both Vilde Nupen and Kristoffer Lislegaard who make up Sgrow, have for the past six months been performing a fine balancing act between working, studying, music-making and general touristing. So, maybe it’s no surprise that the title of their latest single is a rhetorical question about our place in this world?

‘Is Anyone Where They Want To Be?’ is a deep dive into our psyche and soul, worming its way into our spiritual, emotional, and psychological fabric, and questioning the authenticity of our contentment with and acceptance of our lot in life.

Is anyone actually in the job, home, city, relationship, persona that they truly want to be in?  I suspect the answer in the majority of cases, would be a no, but if there’s a happy soul out there who is completely content with the lot, do please let us know!

Photo of Julie Wennesland Artwork
by Kristoffer Lislegaard

Nupen’s probing lyrics are carefully teased out against a dystopian backdrop of avant-garde drone. “What type of distraction shall I pick today to keep me from facing the fact that I’m drifting”

Lislegaard has conjured an intense galaxy shot through with random electronic sounds spiralling through its orbit like frenetic comets. Short showers of synth-iridescence hail down on Nupen’s softly blurred but weighty vocal adding moments of lightness to an otherwise shadowy gloaming.  All in all this is a thought provoking monologue set in a dark, avant-pop soundscape fraught with tension, its inquisitorial storyline coloured by both the insecurities and unsettling challenges of its malcontent narrator.


‘Is Anyone Where They Want To Be?’ which you can listen to here, is available to stream/download via all digital channels.

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