Photo : The Beatyard

Irish electro-duo Ships have just released swoon-synth track ‘All Will Be‘ heralding the announcement that their debut album, entitled ‘Precession’, will be self-released on 1st May.

Dublin based Ships are Sorcha Mc Grath and Simon Cullen, who’ve been playing together for a while now, plying their trade, honing their skills and evolving their sound.  Their album has been a long while in the offing, but all good things come to those who wait and their ever patient fans will be more than delighted with what’s on the way if their latest single is anything to go by!

‘All Will Be’ is an inter-galactic synth-affair redolent of the glory days of ’80s electronic dance with an urban astronaut twist. Streams of synth-reverb flow through black-holes of underground blues-bass while elsewhere Usain Bolt is doing the 100m sprint up and down the keyboard.  Vocals are a soft and feminine affair with just the right touch of wistfulness to draw attention without being clichéd.

The track is a follow on to album lead ‘Around This World’ and is out on the usual digital channels.

‘Precession’ will be released in both digital and vinyl formats on 1st May but is available to pre-order now via Ships’ Bandcamp page, link here.




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