Because there aren’t enough hours in the day, days in the week or fingers on hands, one can’t always get to hear never mind review every new track or album. There are a myriad new artists out there waiting for us to cosy up to them, but alas, cometh the hour does not necessarily mean cometh the music blogger. So, in an attempt to keep us all abreast of what’s dropping/trending/gonna be huge – from new releases to happening movers and shakers, we’re gonna bring you on a weekly voyage of discovery. No more excuses … no urgh, longreads. Just snippets of news with links to tracks framed by utd press photos of your nearest and dearest, or soon to be musical in-laws.

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Social media nearly ate itself alive when the new dancefloor filler from Paramore burst through magenta skies. New single Hard Times is fun music made by a trio of colourful personalities that look like they’re up for more than a bit of craic. Vibrant, spilling over with energy, it’s an upbeat, uptempo jingo coloured by sunny Summery Windies ‘fluences. Shiny rays of marimba add Carribbean textures to this disco energiser bursting with zippy riffs and peppered with congas, distorted vocals and random dumps of synth. Hayley Williams delightfully infectious soft around the edges vocal, packs a punch. Sod the moany music media begrudgers. This is party-time Paramore at their best. New album After Laughter out 12th May. DerVerdict – Mouthwatering! Parteeeee like it’s …

In a similar act of random musical madness Norwegian wunderkinds Pom Poko have released new single Jazz Baby.

A classic case of ‘how many tempo//stylistic changes can you fit in any one song’ meets ‘how long can any vocalist hold a note without drawing breath’. This is the kind of expert, ingenious craziness which is fast hurtling these four uber talented youngsters towards major success. Only a few months since their inception, they’ve already bagged serious showtime at some of Europe’s biggest festivals where they had media dribbling on themselves over their performances. DerVerdict – Worth the money for the artwork alone. Good long-term investment.

Photo Stian Anderson

A band who once travelled the gnarly roads of staggeringly rich and darkly evocative soundscapes, Norwegian five-piece Highasakite seem to have lost their experimental, indie-sense of self as they continue their metamorphosis into colourless purveyors of vanilla, electro-pop, music for the mainstream masses. The twilit quirkiness, the obscure and thought-provoking lyrics twinned with sense-stirring melodies and sensuous undertones have all but disappeared from a band that seems to have rebranded itself as Ingrid Havik +4. Their latest single, the Stargate produced 5 Million Miles, lies somewhere between a poor Rihanna rip-off and something Beyoncé might have hopped out as a B-side c.ten years ago. It sounds dated, flat, and lacking in any kind of ingenuity. DervVerdict – Keep your money in your pocket.


Twitter is a-glow and agog this morning with news that ’80s popstrels and children of Venus, Bananarama have reunited in their original line up – Keren, Siobhan and Sara – and are taking themselves off on tour across the UK in November/December.  I heard a rumour they might be throwing in a few Irish dates! Stay tuned!!  Speaking of terra Irlanda, up and coming Dublin artist SOULÉ has dropped a beaut of a new single.  Troublemaker is a kick-ass hip hop ‘je t’accuse’ with delicious Caribbean vibes that throws shade in spades at the singer’s lying/cheating no-mark of a fella.

Speaking of no marks, Don’t Kill My Vibe chart topper Sigrid has landed another smash with Plot Twist, another electro-hip hopper in which an army of beats goes head to head with some feisty synth surges.  Sigrid lets her vocal go on the most glorious journey as it scales the heights of the tracks propulsive crescendo.  Elsewhere in Denmark, indie-boyo Masasolo is having just another Ordinary Day.  Slacker than slack and more laid back than a li-lo, if you want #goodvibes, this is your go-to.

Wrapping up our rapid-round-up in Ireland, Cork man Eoin French aka renowned lyrical poet Talos has just released his debut album and it’s a stunner that has critics eating out of its palm. Wild Alee comprises thirteen wonderfully innovative electro-ambient tracks crafted with diamond cut precision.

And in Dublin, alt-rock four-piece Ivy Nations are luring us into the colourful dystopia of Live By Design.  Unleashing their Benn Veasey directed video for their third scorcher of a single (their sound is so polished and confident we find that hard to believe) they explain  it’s “a story focusing on the ideas of determinism, design, choice & freedom…in a dystopian world that was at once dated and a bit grubby, but at the same time really quite colourful and vibrant in places.”  The Irish rockers are due to play several live dates across the Summer, kicking off at The Mercantile (YouBloom Festival) on June 4th – full details on their FB page.  Meanwhile, plug yourselves into their highly charged firework here.


The news is out & boy are we excited… the brilliant will be joining at this year’s !

We’re very democratic here on DervSwerve, trying to pack in as many snippets from as many genres or un-genres into our posts as is poss. So, we’re delighted to present this week’s good news story, which comes from the world of jazz.

Darling of BBC Introducing Devon, Izzie Anson has been hand-picked by legendary jazz pianist Jamie Cullum to play at this years Cheltenham Jazz Festival. The youngster, who is still only sweet 17, will play 5 songs (3 own/2 covers), the highlights of which will feature on Jo Whiley’s BBC Radio 2 show Thursday 27th and again on BBC Intro Devon Saturday 29th April.  We’ve included her mesmeric track Gone on our Spotify playlist but you can also check it out here.  Written a few years ago when Izzie never dreamt that anyone else would ever get to hear it, the track was reworked during a recent stint in Nashville.  Exciting times for a young singer songwriter whose career is fast gaining momentum.


Check out our companion Spotify playlist – Derv’s Voyage of Discovery 1.  Give us a follow on Spotify and Facebook if you like 🙂



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