Dubliner Tim Chadwick released his first single Blindfolded just over a year ago in April 2016.  It was more than well received by Irish music media with comparisons with JV Mc Morrow and BF Leftwich tripping over themselves for page space.

Fast forward to May 2017 and the release of Chadwick’s debut EP entitled Early Days.  And while it still is, early days that is, the singer has already made more than an indelible mark on the contemporary Irish folk-pop scene. Although I include the term folk in its loosest interpretation, as the Dubliner’s sound leans more towards an alt-pop disposition rather than the more typical ‘nonny’ acoustic-guitar in a fair isle jumper folk-style.

I could reel off a list of ‘sounds likes’ and ‘in the mould of’ but that would be disingenuous to a singer-songwriter who has, all hyperbole parked on the hard shoulder, a crackingly good and exceedingly delicious voice. Thoughtfully curated nuances shadow this light as a feather vocal instrument, which despite its subtle mellowness has sufficient weight behind it to be utterly convincing.

Tim Chadwick’s contemplative and at times visceral lyrics, emotive instrumentation, and charmer of a voice all speak for themselves.  This is one of those rare occasions when I’m simply happy to let the songs do the talking …

Gig wise the only listing appears to be a late September date at The Sugar Club, details here.

For further information, you should check in regularly with Tim’s Facebook page as I would imagine that other lives are in the offing.

Early Days is out now via iTunes – hop out your wallet and shop here.

Before you do though, check out the wonderfully entertaining video accompaniment to Tim’s latest single, the infectiously up-tempo Never Wanted You, which stars dancer extraordinaire, Erik Cavanaugh.

You can follow Tim and DervSwerve on Twitter to keep up to speed with all the latest news.


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