A new playlist series featuring new international music you should be getting loved up with right here, right now!

This inaugural ed of our Derv’s Top Ten playlist includes hotter than hot new tracks by international artists who if not already on your radar, should be front and centre of it!

Featuring the bod leftfield pop single Seeds by French agent provocateur Camille, St. Vincent‘s comeback track, New York, the bold and bright Oo La La from Gossip godess Beth Ditto, the lush new Public Service Broadcasting single, You & Me, featuring the gorgeous voice of Lisa Jen Brown, Dont’ Go Back at Ten, the quirky new single by Londoners Girl Ray, and more.

You can follow our new Top Ten series along with the rest of our playlists over on Spotify where a world of musical goodies awaits!

Derv’s Top Ten #1

  1. Broken Social Scene – Stay Happy
  2. Camille – Seeds
  3. Beth Ditto – Oo La La
  4. Girl Ray – Don’t Go Back at Ten
  5. The National – Guilty Party
  6. Public Service Broadcasting – You & Me (feat Lisa Jen Brown)
  7. Cymbals – Car Crash
  8. TLC – American Gold
  9. Astrid S – Such a Boy
  10. St. Vincent – New York

DervSwerve x


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