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It is a widely held belief that Celtic druidic rites manifested themselves principally in Sun-worship. So, it comes as no surprise that the latest IRAH single, Worship the Sun, sings like an ancient pagan incantation invoking the Sun to illuminate a tenebrous world devoid of light, hope and humanity.

Worship the Sun is the first release by Danish duo Stine Grøn (vocals) and Adi Zukanović (keyboards) since their transcendent 2016 single, Fast Travelling. This time around, the percussive baton has been handed to Scotsman Seb Rochford renowned for his work with Babyshambles, David Byrne/Brian Eno and Herbie Hancock.

A tense and moodily atmospheric drone infused with Asian influences underpins the song throughout; its heavy weight bearing down on upward facing lyrics seeking to “activate the light“. It sounds like an army of subterranean Buddhist monks or Hindu sanyāsī murmuring Sanskrit as they pass underneath a highly charged dystopian landscape filled with brooding tension and fizzing electricity.

Percussive strikes, bells and a haze of white noise are slowly pushed to the foreground as the track builds. The bridge provides a brief sanctuary, an ephemeral moment of calm before the track explodes into a euphoric coda replete with virtuoso jazz drumming delivered at a serious lick.

“Let’s reveal the forces we forgot, activate the light within our heart, Let’s forget the things that we’ve been taught, activate the brain within our heart”

Throughout, Stine Grøn’s soothing voice is a constant of serenity, of meditative calm, of hope in humanity. Her voice is a light in the darkness that guides the nocturnal instrumental, transforming it into a vibrant firework that fills the sky with iridescent explosions like shooting stars.

Speaking of the song Stine explains,

“In this time and age where humanity seems to be on the verge of an abyss, we send out a wish to unite around the centre of life. Our sun, moon and earth. With the energy and intensity of the song we celebrate the force of these giants”

The music that IRAH compose is of a sound and style unlike anything produced by their peers, and it is important to them that they follow their own path. Speaking candidly about their sound the duo reveal,

“If we could create our very own genre, or compose and channel one galaxy’s music or sound that would be the ultimate. Something our world had never heard before. Something you can’t imagine. That is what we try to achieve. Try to move closer to. Try to do something we haven’t heard before, and put that into music. Its definitely a motivation to create our own musical language that we can compose from.”

If you imbued the essence of Goa into a Gothic novel and set it in Newgrange, you wouldn’t come up with a more mystical and ritualistic landscape than Worship the Sun.

IRAH tread softly on mystical dreams. Their music, steeped in both the metaphysical and spiritual, is a journey through beautiful imagery and soothing melody to an enlightenment, peace and transcendence to which more of us should aspire.

Worship the Sun is available to download now via Tambourhinoceros; you can follow IRAH on Facebook. The band start a mini-European tour on 23rd September at Reeperbahn – list of dates below. [They’re also playing Sorveiv in magical Kristiansand – enjoy!!]

DervSwerve x 

Oh, and before you go, DervSwerve has some good news to share. Our blog has been shortlisted for the Best Blog, Arts & Culture category, by Blog Awards Ireland 2017. Woo!

IRAH Live Dates

Sep 23, 2017 – Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg – DE

Sep 28, 2017 – Studenterhuset, Aalborg – DK (Tickets)

Sep 29, 2017 – Radar, Aarhus – DK (Tickets)

Sep 30, 2017 – Sønderborghus, Sønderborg – DK (Tickets)

Oct 05, 2017 – Harder’s, Svendborg – DK (Tickets)

Oct 06, 2017 – Studenterhus, Odense – DK (Tickets)

Oct 07, 2017 – Lille Vega, København – DK (Tickets)

Nov 10, 2017 – Sorveiv Festival, Stavanger – NO


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