A short post in which the author ponders the greatness of life … for today at least!

Life is great when it’s Saturday, and after having an ‘oh wow, really?’ seven hours sleep, one awakes to blazing sunshine and eye-hurtingly blue skies.

As I’ve said, it’s Saturday, and after a pretty full-on week that included humping two suitcases and an octogenarian two hundred miles via public transport, overseeing two geriatric hospital appointments, detangling two psychopathic cats, and de-smoking a smoking oven, for once, there’s no agenda. The diary is clear. I’ve nothing to do. Well, I do – housework, gardening, some shopping etc – but I’m keeping it low-key.

I’ll do what I have to, a dash through some chores followed by a little light weeding, but that’s it!

Tomorrow I’m booked in for belated Father’s Day duties so today is the only one with availability for some quality me-time, and I intend making the most of it. When I finish writing this brief post, I’m off for a not-too-long power walk, for which I’ll be rewarded with a strong coffee, yum. Then, I’ll sweep away the few to-dos before getting on with the task of enjoying life.

Relaxation is the name of today’s game. Reading, listening to music, silence, laughter, bird watching, lots of tea, bit of chatter, and a little bit of what I like to call the Monty Derv version of gardening – which is all very random and not at all planned or thought out but seems to work for some if not all of the plants! That reminds me, I need to update you on my progress or lack thereof, in becoming the next Helen Dillon!

Isn’t life great though? Even if it’s just for one day. I’ve learned to take what I can, celebrate small, unexpected gifts of joy, and be thankful for every bit of GREATNESS that life bestows upon me.

Currently, I’m sitting typing this, whilst drinking tea and listening to Maconie & Radcliffe on BBC 6 Music. And it’s thanks to them that I discovered This is The Kit’s easy-on-the-ear ‘Moonshine Freeze’, to which you can listen below.

So today, whatever you’re doing or not doing, whatever you’ve got planned or not, I wish you all a GREAT day!


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