April 5th “Earth throws Winter’s robes away … Waiting for the Colour of Spring”

April 5 Sunflower 2

“Come gentle spring
Come at winter’s end
Gone is the pallour from a promise that’s nature’s gift”

It is no small coincidence that today we are playing “April 5th”, track 4 on Talk Talk’s beautifully crafted 3rd studio album, “The Colour of Spring”.

April 5th, 1956, was the birth date of one Felicity Mary Costello, the woman about whom Mark Hollis wrote this truly beautiful song, during the year in which they were married, 1985.  An ode to Spring and an ode to the woman he loved, it is an exceptionally luscious 5.51 minutes of timeless, muted, jazz-classical music. Full of wonder, awe and admiration, bursting with love and optimism, are the lyrics of this gorgeous poem (printed below), but before we delve any further, let’s have a listen …

“APRIL 5TH” (1986, from the album ” The Colour of Spring”)

Here she comes
Silent in her sound
Here she comes
Fresh upon the ground

Come gentle spring
Come at winter’s end
Gone is the pallour from a promise that’s nature’s gift

Waiting for the colour of spring

Let me breathe
Let me breathe the colour of spring

Here she comes
Laughter in her kiss
Here she comes
Shame upon her lips

Come wanton spring, come

For birth you live
Youth takes its bow before the summer the seasons bring

Waiting for the colour of spring

Let me, let me breathe

Let me breathe
Let me breathe
Let me breathe


April 5 Sunflower 1

 “Here she comes
Laughter in her kiss”

“April 5th” is a song written by a man very much in love with both a woman, whom he clearly adores, and nature, with which he seems to have a very strong affinity (this isn’t the only time Hollis refers to the Colour of Spring in his lyrics). Spring silently creeps up on Winter over which she gently lays down her veil, shamelessly kissing new life and hue, into a stark and barren world.

Where the first verse is reverent, the second is almost playful, with its sensual nuances.

“Come wanton spring, come”

In Hollis’ own words, on the diverseness of “TCOS” in general and on “April 5th” specifically:-

“There is indeed no such thing as a central theme (running through “TCOS”) …(it) is about religion and war, 1945 Government propaganda films, Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire, (and) the last song of the first side is about April as a season” … April 5th is “the day that my wife was born, a song about spring and season. Birth and rebirth. Actually, all those thing are on the record.”

Colour Spring Imagery

“Youth takes its bow before the summer, the seasons bring”

Interestingly, from a sonic perspective, “April 5th” is one of only two tracks on the album “TCOS” on which the other members of Talk Talk do not feature (the other is “Chameleon Day”).  The personnel who featured on this track were:-

Robbie McIntosh               Dobro

Tim Friese – Green            Variophon

Mark Hollis                         Vocal, Variophon, Piano, Organ

David Roach                       Soprano Saxophone

The instruments used in the recording of this musical ode are far removed from what we would expect of contemporary music creation – no standard electric guitars, no synths, no drums.

Instead we have a Dobro, an organ (not a usual mid 80’s staple), and a Variophon,

Dobro Variophon

A Dobro (now owned by Gibson) is a wood bodied resonator guitar, identified by its single inverted cone – see photo left, whilst a Variophon (pictured right), is an electronic wind instrument, originally invented in Germany in 1975, used to synthesize sound in the same way as brass instruments, “creating sounds based on the vibration of the player’s lips and breath and the resonance in a particular body”.  It is played using a “pipe-controller”, but the pitch is controlled by the addition of an external keyboard.

The hub of “April 5th” though, is the acoustic piano, around which everything else revolves.  The opening stark melancholic mood of the music, moves away from the warm sentiment of the lyric, but then, glides seamlessly, into the breathtakingly dreamlike.  At all times it has a deliciously rich, smooth but always subtle, textural style,

Intricately woven music and sensual lyricism convey the delicateness of feeling.

April 5th

What were the influences?  Back to the man himself,

“This year I’ve listened to a lot of impressionistic music … Delius…with ‘The First Cuckoo of Spring’ on it, and ‘In The Summer Garden’ … All I’ve listened to in the last year is that impressionist area of music. Back to composers such as Satie, Debussy, Milhaud and above all, Bartok. His string quartets … I’d never imagined something so beautiful existed. Something works irrevocably. As Renée on It’s My Life, was inspired by the Gil Evans arrangements for the Miles Davis album Sketches of Spain, so Bartok has an impact on the arrangements on The Colour of Spring.”

(Didn’t have this piece by Delius in the original blog, but as its short, and so, so, very lovely, decided to include so you have an idea of what Mark Hollis was listening to prior to the making of the album).

When I listen to “April 5th”, especially at this Easter-tide, it brings to mind the words of Gerard Manley-Hopkins, another lover of Spring and nature, another lyrical innovator whose use of imagery established him (albeit posthumously) as one of the greatest poets of his day, (something which can also be said of Hollis).

“Gather gladness from the skies;
Take a lesson from the ground;
Flowers do ope their heavenward eyes
And a Spring-time joy have found;
Earth throws Winter’s robes away,
Decks herself for Easter Day.

Taken from “Easter” Gerard Manley Hopkins SJ, Written in 1866.

We’ll leave you on this glorious April 5th, with a re-mastered edit of our featured song “April 5th”. We wish you and yours a Happy Easter, and we wish Felicity Hollis a very Happy Birthday.

This piece was originally published on 5th April, 2015. It is being republished on 5th April, 2019 to quietly acknowledge Mark Hollis’ recent passing. Our sincerest condolences to the Hollis family at this time.

All Talk Talk Artwork copyright of James Marsh


Sigrid wins BBC Sound of 2018 poll


Norwegian Sigrid wins BBC Sound of 2018 poll

The Norwegian singer Sigrid has been announced as the winner of BBC Music’s Sound of 2018 Poll. The Don’t Kill My Vibe star beat off stiff competition from the likes of Pale Waves, Sam Fender and IAMDDB to claim this year’s top slot.

The annual poll, which is voted for by 173 music industry insiders, has previously seen Ellie Goulding, Adele and Jack Garratt take the crown. The BBC Music survey asks industry professionals to name their three favourite new acts (whose releases have not yet made it into the UK Top Ten). By anointing Sigrid as the Sound of 2018, the cohort of music pros are essentially backing her as ‘the artist most likely to’ rise to the top in 2018.

With her unwavering, impassioned voice and faultless electro-pop production, the singer broke through last year with her critically acclaimed debut single Don’t Kill My Vibe, released in Feburary 2017. While follow-on singles Strangers and Plot Twist were also hailed as sonic success stories by music critics across the globe, the Norwegian youngster has yet to crack the UK Top 40.

On being told of her win the singer, who is signed to Island Records said: (It’s) “crazy … I’m just really happy and proud of what my team and I have achieved together,” … adding that she was “honoured as there are so many other artists I look up to who have won this before me”.

Following the announcement, the singer hit BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge for some live renditions of her singles. (If you missed it, you can still catch it on BBC iPlayer for up to 30 days from 12th January, 2018).

This year’s Runner Up was English artist Alex O’Connell who performs under the Rex Orange County moniker. His blend of quirky R&B and easy-going guitar pop have seen the 19 year old ratchet up guest slots on US Rapper, Tyler the Creator’s album, as well as lives with Skepta and Frank Ocean.

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RTE Choice Music Prize – Album of the Year 2017 Shortlist Announced

RTE Choice Music Prize Album of the Year 2017 Shortlist Announced on 2FM’s Tracy Clifford Show by judging panel chairperson, Tony Clayton Lea.

The much anticipated shortlist for this year’s RTÉ Choice Music Prize, Irish Album of the Year 2017, was announced earlier today via 2FM’s Tracy Clifford Show by judging panel chairperson and renowned music & culture writer, Tony Clayton Lea.

The winning act, which will be announced at the Choice Music award ceremony in March, will receive a €10,000 prize fund (sponsored by IMRO/IRMA). All shortlisted acts will receive a specially commissioned award. 

The ten album shortlist is made up as follows:

Come On Live Long – In The Still (self released)

Marlene Enright – Placemats and Second Cuts (self released)

Fangclub – Fangclub (Universal)

Lankum – Beneath the Earth and the Sky (Rough Trade)

James Vincent McMorrow – True Care (Faction Records)

New Jackson – From Night to Night (All City)

Otherkin – OK (Rubyworks)

Fionn Regan – The Meetings of the Waters (Abbey Records)

Ships – Precession (Ships Music)

Talos – Wild Alee (Feel Good Lost)

While all ten albums can be enjoyed in full over at www.choicemusicprize.ie you can listen to a selection of sounds from all ten nominated artists on our Spotify playlist below!

To celebrate the announcement, RTE 2FM scheduled an All Irish Music All Day, and its presenters have been playing tracks from all ten nominated albums since 6am. They’ll continue to do so until midnight tonight. 2FM presenter Louise McSharry, will this evening host a two-hour show dedicated to the Album of 2017 shortlist. The show, which will run from 8pm to 10pm, will also feature interviews with this year’s nominees as well as some live artist performances.

RTE, in association with IMRO and IRMA, will host the RTE Choice Music Prize live event in Vicar St, Dublin, on Thursday 8th March – see below for ticket details. RTE 2FM radio will facilitate a simultaneous live broadcast in a special extended programme. The Choice Music event will also feature in a special RTE Choice Music Programme to be broadcast by RTE2 television. Broadcast details to be confirmed.

A highlight of the Irish musical calendar, the Choice Music Prize is awarded to both the Irish Album and Irish Song of the Year. Nominees and winners are chosen by a twelve-person panel made up of media professionals and industry experts, captained by Tony Clayton-Lea.


Once again, a body of international music industry professionals, funded by Culture Ireland, will be invited to attend the March live event. In addition, indigenous record chain Golden Discs, will host RTE Choice Music Prize nominee showcase stands during a special in-store promotion.

The shortlist for the RTE Choice Music Prize – Irish Song of the Year 2017, will be announced later this month on 31st January. On the same evening, a special Choice Prize themed event featuring performances by nominees from both award categories will take place in Dublin’s Tramline venue.

Tickets for the Choice Music Prize award ceremony in Vicar St., are currently available from Ticketmaster priced at Euro 28.00 incl booking fee – go to http://www.ticketmaster.ie .

RTÉ Choice Music Prize, Irish Album of the Year 2017, in association with IMRO & IRMA. Official partners Golden Discs, RAAP and Culture Ireland.

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Trondheim Calling Set to Showcase Its Most Exciting Line-Up Yet

Trondheim Calling, Norway’s annual mid-Winter conference and new music showcase festival, will return at the beginning of February with what is probably its most exciting line up yet.

Trondheim Calling, Norway’s large music conference and second largest music showcase festival is getting ready for its 8th mid-Winter outing. The festival, which runs from 1st to 3rd February, hopes to improve on its staggering 2018 statistics. Last year, saw the festival draw an overall audience of 8,000, of which 1,300 attended its conference and, more importantly, on the live-music side, it enabled 100+ music artists to showcase their sounds to a mixed bag of fans, industry pros and media.

In addition to the Clarion Congress, multiple venues across Trondheim will open their doors to festival goers over the three-day period. Each year, as the festival grows in size, more and more of the local bars and music venues involve themselves in the ‘confest’ which has become the pride of Trondheim.

The conference, or business end of TC, takes place across multiple rooms in the local Clarion Congress, whose facilities are second to none, and which, having housed the conference for several years, has become almost a home from home for attending delegates. The laid back atmosphere and smooth clockwork-like running of all things TC related, is a testament to the seamless planning and organisational skills of both hotel management and festival organisers.

This year’s conference programme includes talks on topics such as setting up a PR team, how radio can work for music artists, and music rights and agreements, as well as interactive songwriting and studio engineering/production workshops. The programme will also see the return of last year’s inaugural Norway Calling.

This element of the programme gives five ‘export-ready’ artists the chance to pitch both themselves and their music to a forum that includes media delegates. Constructive feedback is provided by a carefully selected panel of international music professionals including media and management; this year’s panel includes Elspeth Merry from Island Records and Angelina Muth of 4 Music Berlin.

From a musical perspective, with venues set to bursting, and the most diverse line-up yet on offer, the festival should prove to be even more successful than its jam-packed, hyper-energised 2017 predecessor. “Our main purpose is to celebrate new Norwegian music, showcase artists who are on their way to a breakthrough and raise the level of competence in Norwegian music industry,” says festival chief Thomas Ryjord. And, looking at the artist line-up for this year’s festival, the organisers have well and truly excelled in bringing together the most exciting and diverse ‘mixum gatherum’ of homegrown talent to hit TC yet.

2018 will mark the return of fun lovin’ quasi-punkers Slotface, whose debut album Try Not To Freak Out and live performances shredded the 2017 international scene. It also heralds the return of the warrioresque Farao, whose latest album is set to drop this year. Other acts to note, are dark electro-pop band Ponette, shimmering Indie free-spirit Sol Heilo, experimental art-pop band Whales and this Lake, guitar-rockers Killer Kid Mozart and electronic act Atella, whose new EP features the wonder that is Aurora.

Shout outs also to Gundelach, whose recent collaboration with Ary, Games, was absolutely gorgeous, and also to Natalie Sandtorv, Daniele Reyes and Hanne Mjoen. All very different but equally wonderful artists.

Party Animals need look no further than Rick Ashtray. Hugely popular, this off-kilter quasi-grunge cum new wave outfit will leave no cobwebs un-blown. Get there early.

Check out our TC inspired playlist below. If you’re already booked to go to the festival it’ll help get you hyped, if not, well, it might just inspire you to book that ticket and hop on that train or plane. Whatevz, enjoy!

For full details on Trondheim Calling, both conference and festival, and information about how to get tickets/packages, please go to the official festival website, https://trondheimcalling.no/

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Call Still Open for Music Artists Wishing to Play TGE18

Artist Registration still open for TGE18. All musical shapes ‘n sizes eligible to apply. TGE18 in partnership with Liverpool-based music publisher Sentric Music.

Hear ye, hear ye. It’s official. Artist Registration for The Great Escape 2018 is officially open. Well, actually it’s been open since mid-Winter; think of this as just a gentle nudge. Back at the end of November, organisers of the annual Brighton bash announced the first 50 acts to be included in the 2018 line-up together with the promise that a further 400 acts would be added to the mix in the New Year.

Well here we are, and 400 prime live lots at TGE18 are going begging! Registration, which will close on 12th February, 2018, is open to all music artists from DJs through singer-songwriters to collectives.

Included in the first tranche of TGE’ers for 2018 were:

Aine Cahill, Dream State, Jerry Williams, KOPS, Lewis Capaldi, M.I.L.K., Pale Waves, Sam Fender, Stereo Honey and Valeras. You can check them out on our TGE18 First Taste Playlist below.

If you’re ‘in music’ and wish to participate in TGE18, apply to play HERE. Applications are free. Submissions will be reviewed by the TGE bookings team and the lucky artists contacted directly after applications close.

This year’s festival which will run from 17th to 19th May, 2018, will be hosted in partnership with independent music publisher, Sentric Music.

For more details on The Great Escape 2018 go to the official festival website – HERE. Check out our Spotify TGE – FirstTaste playlist here.

Hey Lana, Radiohead are Creepin’ on you!

Creep … the song that just keeps giving … and taking.

First it was Albert Hammond and Mike Hazlewood striding up the steps of the Courts, now it’s Radiohead. 

American music artist Lana del Rey has confirmed via Twitter that British alt-rock band Radiohead are suing for publishing rights to her Lust for Life track Get Free. The band claim del Rey and her co-writers plagiarised their 1992 single Creep.

Radiohead, who were themselves successfully sued for plagiarism by Albert Hammond and Mike Hazlewood, writers of the song The Air that I Breathe a cover of which was a hit for The Hollies, are seeking 100% of the publishing rights to Get Free.

The Born to Die star confirmed the law suit on Twitter on Sunday afternoon.

“It’s true about the lawsuit,” she tweeted. “Although I know my song wasn’t inspired by Creep, Radiohead feel it was and want 100% of the publishing – I offered up to 40 over the last few months but they will only accept 100. Their lawyers have been relentless, so we will deal with it in court.”

Later that evening she spoke directly to fans at her Denver La to the Moon show about the situation;

“I just want to say that I do have a particular song that Radiohead wants 100% of my publishing for it. Actually, the only reason why I mention it is because I know some of you have been brought here by people who really are fans and you’re just sorta here.

I just want to let you know that regardless of what happens in court, the sentiment that I wrote in that particular song, which was my statement song for the record, my personal manifesto, my Lana manifesto, I just want to let you know that regardless if it gets taken down off of everything, that those sentiments that I wrote, I really am going to still strive for them, even if that song isn’t on the future releases of the record. I mention that now because that song in particular … was an important song to me.

I just wanted to let you know that for the kids and not kids and real fans who are here.”

Hammond and Hazlewood successfully sued Radiohead for copyright infringement, claiming the band copied the chord progression and melody of The Hollies 1972 hit The Air that I Breathe. Post-legal wrangling they were credited as co-writers on further releases of Pablo Honey, the album from which the single Creep was taken. Now it looks like history is once again repeating itself, with Messrs Hammond and Hazlewood set to gain from the Radiohead legal action.

Interestingly, del Rey’s song isn’t the only release in recent years to bear a remarkable resemblance to the Radiohead anthem. The question is, will the ‘Spectre’ of Creep raise its ominous head over the legal parapet once again in the not too future? Who knows? Word is, watch this space!

Listen to all three iterations of the now infamous chord progression and melody here …




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Worldwide Awards 2018 Public Vote Closing Monday 8th

Eclectic radio platform Worldwide FM host annual ‘leftfield’ Worldwide Awards together with 6 Music presenter Gilles Petersen and Brownswood Recordings. Three categories in Worldwide Awards 2018 are open to public vote which will close at 23:59 Monday 8th January.

The countdown has begun to the cut-off for the public vote for this year’s Worldwide Awards. The awards which honour non-mainstream music and jazz artists, are hosted by eclectic arts and culture radio platform Worldwide FM, renowned left-field music advocate and BBC 6 music presenter Gilles Petersen and London based Brownswood Recordings. The vote, which was launched in mid-December, is open to the public in three categories of Worldwide Awards 2018: Track, Album and Jazz Album (released in 2017).

The annual awards which mark outstanding releases in the ‘musica obscura‘ of left-field underground were, according to Petersen, set up to “celebrate a side of the music scene that often gets ignored“.

This year’s Worldwide Awards ceremony will take place on Saturday 20th January, 2018, in London’s KOKO venue. Acts already confirmed to light up the night include IAMDDB, who will be fresh from her performance at #ESNS18, as well as off-mainstream Soweto six-piece BCUC, US/UK trio Khruangbin, producer, electronic artist James Holden, and Radio 1Xtra DJ Jamz Supernova.

The contenders for all three awards were drawn from those artists nominated in the multitude of categories the winners of which will also be announced on the night. Some of those nominated in the three categories open to the public vote are:-


Let Go, Connie Constance; Wires, Ossie; Shade, IAMDDB; Face, Brockhampton


Love what Survives, Mount Kimbie; Lilies, Melanie de Biasio; Migration, Bonobo; DAMN, Kendrick Lamar; Drunk, Thundercat


Juan Pablo: The Philospher, Ezra Collective; Yellow Ochre, Vels Trio; Arise, Zara Mc Farlane; Wildflower, Wildflower

To help you make up your mind, we’ve pulled together a playlist featuring a random selection of just some of the superb artists nominated for this year’s #worldwideawards. For full details of the nominees and to vote for the artists you think should win – CLICK HERE.

Bowie Festival Set to Turn Dublin into a Musical Labyrinth

Photo Gavin Evans Sothebys

Dublin Bowie Festival set to get ‘You Pretty Things’ ‘Dancing in the Street’. Bowie Birthday Bash & Homage will run over 7 days across venues citywide. The British music icon who was born on 8th January, died two years ago on 10th January.

The Dublin Bowie Festival will kick off a week long birthday celebration and homage to the artist fka the Thin White Duke on Thursday 4th January. The festival, featuring a week long programme of Bowie-themed events, will take place across myriad venues citywide, including the Light House Cinema, the Grand Social and NCAD. The festival’s run will take in the legendary music artist’s birthday, as well as marking the second anniversary of his passing.

Highlights of the festival include ‘My Life with Bowie’ – An Evening with Woody Woodmansey, Bowie’s long-standing drummer (The Sugar Club, 4th Jan), the Classic Album Night (Grand Social, 6th Jan), Transformer Master –  Gavin Friday in Conversation with Eoin Devereux (DC Music Club, 7th Jan), Bowie’s Birthday Bash : the London Boys w/Special Guests (Grand Social, 8th Jan), and An Audience with Jonathan Barnbrook (Blackstar artwork) (NCAD, 10th Jan).

The festival also includes several Bowie-themed Art Exhibitions (admission free) as well as a family friend Bowie Brunch in the Woollen Mills on 7th with Today FM’s Ed Smith manning the decks. Elsewhwre, a night of glitter and glam is promised with drag queen Veda Beaux Reves over at the George (5th Jan).

However, the main attraction will surely be the Bowie Ball, a glitter-spattered night of zowie Bowieness and space boots, set to an endless playlist of Bowie’s greatest hits. The ball will take place in the Sugar Club (10pm to 3am, Sat 6th January). Tickets €13.29.

For full details of the festival events and tickets, CLICK HERE.


Superorganism Announce Details of Eponymous Debut Album

Photo: Jordan Hughes

Trans-global supergroup Superorganism announces self-titled debut album, details of extensive WW tour including dates in London and Manchester, as well as slots at some of Europe’s biggest music festivals.

Superorganism, an eight-piece band from everywhere and nowhere that have appeared to have sprung onto our radar virtually overnight, has just announced details of their self-titled debut album.

The band, whose members hail from both sides of the Atlantic and beyond, has recently become quite ‘a thing’, bagging frequent airplay on radio shows like Lauren Lavern for BBC 6 Music and Annie Mac for BBC Radio 1. Superorganism is also featured in the BBC’s Sound of 2018 – a list of ones to watch, pulled together by BBC presenters, which also includes the hotly tipped Norwegian artist Sigrid. Their debut Superorganism album will release via Domino Records on 2nd March, 2018.

The self-produced album, which was recorded in the band’s East London home cum studio, incorporates influences from Beck and the Avalanches. A record that “beams with a sense of wonky fun”, it includes singles ‘Something For Your M.I.N.D.’ and ‘It’s All Good / Nobody Cares’ as well as latest release ‘Everybody Wants To Be Famous’ the newly dropped video for which you can watch below.

The Superorganism album will be available in various formats and packages; to pre-order, check out the links here:

Standard LP – Gatefold LP, single vinyl, four page booklet, DL card

Deluxe LP – Glow in the dark gatefold, single vinyl, four page booklet, DL card

Deluxe CD – Mini gatefold with 16 page booklet

Standard CD – Jewelcase with 16page booklet

Digital Download + Spotify Pre-save

Starting at Eurosonic on 19th January, Superorganism will be gigging across UK&I, Europe and the Americas throughout 2018. Set to play a host of festivals, their live show will be seen by festival-goers at by:Larm (Oslo), Forbidden Fruit (Dublin), Melt Festival (Germany) and again in Oslo at the city’s renowned Øyafestivalen. Full dates including details of their UK&I dates can be found here http://www.wearesuperorganism.com/#tour

Superorganism – Official Twitter / Facebook / Instagram / YouTube

PRS International Showcase Fund Deadline Reminder – 08/1/2018

The 8th of January deadline for the PRS International Showcase Fund looms. Songwriters, producers, artists and bands based in Great Britain are eligible to apply for the £5k fund. Artists previously supported include Anna Meredith, Sundara Karma and Dream Wife.

Music artists are reminded that applications for the PRS International Showcase Fund will close at 6pm on Monday 8th January 2018. Only songwriters and musicians based in England, Scotland and Wales are eligible to apply.

The fund which is open to artists who have been invited to play international showcase festivals, grants financial contributions up to £5,000 towards overall costs, broken down as follows: 75% of trip budget covering

  • Travel
  • Visas
  • Accommodation
  • Per diems (daily expenses)

It is expected that the remaining 25% of budget will be covered by the artist, label, manager, publisher, etc.

The UK based PRS foundation provides vital funding for artists, bands, songwriters and producers to perform at renowned industry-facing showcase festivals such as;

  • SXSW
  • by:Larm
  • Reeperbahn
  • Primavera Sound
  • Iceland Airwaves
  • Eurosonic
  • …..and more including our very own YouBloom which will be held here in Ireland in June 2018.

Time is tight so if you’ve already received an official invite from an approved showcase festival – CLICK HERE – for the full list of eligible events – then get cracking and submit your application. Who can apply? CLICK HERE to see if you are eligible to apply for the International Showcase Fund.

The International Showcase Fund is a partnership between PRS Foundation, Department for International Trade, British Underground, Arts Council England, the Musicians’ Union, PPL, Creative Scotland, Wales Arts International and Arts Council Wales in association with PledgeMusic.