Fallen Lights – Another Midlands Music Success Story

There’s obviously something in the Midlands water supply that isn’t on tap for the rest of Ireland, as heartland hotspots such as Mullingar keep churning out new acts, one after the next. Each as good if not better than the previous.

Current ‘Gar torch bearers Fallen Lights are currently showering in a stream of successes, the most recent being their Philip Magee (Kodaline, The Script) produced single, Pricetag.

The lead track from their upcoming 5-track EP due later this Autumn, Pricetag is a soaring youth anthem set around the theme of young love and the inherent problems that come with it. It’s an indie-rock guitar breezer with catchy melodies and just the right amount of pop sensibilities to appeal to both rockers and poppers alike.

The just released black & white visual, which was shot on location around Dublin’s coastline, was directed by Craig Moore of cleverly named Moore for Less Productions. The storyline follows the theme of the song; young, broke, and broken-hearted finds new love when least expecting it – new love without a pricetag.

The Fallen Lighters have had a pretty busy 2017, scoring 32 live performances in 32 counties in as many days for their ‘Mind Your Mind’ tour. But the aptly named tour was not just a promotional vehicle. It also had the purpose of creating awareness of mental health issues, and some €2,000 of the proceeds from the tour were donated to Irish mental health charity, Inspire.

In other news, the lads’ fun-filled take on the legendary Father Ted, My Lovely Horse, complete with its very own Dougal, went viral, notching up 3.5 million views on social media.

Fallen Lights just played to a sold out Whelans on Saturday night. With radio and chart success, sell out shows, support slots with The Academic, Paddy Casey and their own Bressie with The Blizzards, as well as a second EP in the mix, the future looks brighter than rosy for the four Midlanders.

Check out Fallen Lights over on FB – you can watch the video for Pricetag here. DervSwerve

Fallen Lights is Graham Dowling – Vox/Rhythm guitar,  Andrew Cody – Vox/Bass,  Jay Wiley – Lead guitar/ BV’s,  & Joey Murray – Drums

Talos Unveils Breathtaking ‘This Is Us Colliding’ Video Filmed In West Clare

Brendan Canty

Irish musician and songwriter Talos has unveiled a stunning visual accompaniment to his latest single This Is Us Colliding.

The video, shot on location in the Burren, was directed by the Corkman’s long time collaborator Brendan Canty of Feelgoodlost. The film centres around images of the musician and his band, performing the song atop a cliff, set against the remote and alluring landscapes of West Clare and the Wild Atlantic Way.

Frames of Talos are cleverly interspersed with flashing acid drop colours and film-burn effects, and together with the beautifully edited and stylised footage of the coastline, they pick up on elements of the song’s central theme.

This Is Us Colliding has at its heart a “recurring reference to the idea of the epic journey or exploration and conquering the unknown. (The song) looks at what lengths we go to for what we desire – be it another, or a dream, and if these things warrant those struggles. Will we be satisfied with what we end up with?”

The video is to breathtaking, as this song is to spine-tingling.

There is something about Talos’ voice when it’s left to drift in isolation, across hushed minimalist instrumentation, that harks of times past. There’s an almost medieval quality to its quiet chant.

It’s hard to balance those whispering tones with a powerful surge in delivery, but that is exactly what Talos does as he expertly sweeps the song from static beauty and ethereal spaciousness to majestic melodrama.

Very few other contemporary artists can orchestrate emotion-piercing instrumentation quite like this.

This Is Us Colliding due for release on 21st July, is lifted from Talos’ highly acclaimed debut album, Wild Alee, which you can buy or stream from the usual channels. Watch the spectacular video for this truly beautiful song here.

Dédé Davi Makes Her Debut & Alan Wilder Is Back A La Mode


Alan Wilder steps back in from the sidelines as performer-producer on debut single from upcoming Londoner, Dédé Davi.

Alan Wilder, man behind the Recoil music project, formerly one quarter of Depeche Mode, those pioneers of synth pop whose music captured the zeitgeist of ’80s experimental electronica, and general all-round enigma, has, after some years of silence which presumably he ‘enjoyed’, resurfaced in the form of performer/producer on an R&B piano-ballad by an upcoming English singer/songwriter.


‘Calling The Clock‘ is the debut single from Londoner Dédé Davi to whom Wilder was introduced by erstwhile Mode road-manager, Daryl Bamonte, now a successful label and artist manager in his own right. Dédé, who has gone from a Uni degree course, through being BBC play-listed, to working with the likes of Steve Hewitt (Paul Draper, Placebo), is currently in-studio working on her debut album.

Rehearsed and recorded in a negligible four hours, the song sees Wilder reprise his role as accompanying pianist, and music composer and arranger, one that recalls his indelible contributions to songs like ‘Somebody’ and ‘Pimpf’ and which will doubtless reawaken the memories of many a Mode fan.

Speaking of the collaboration with Dédé. Wilder said:

 I was struck not only by her beautifully soulful and sophisticated voice, but also the simplicity and directness of the words along with a melody which left plenty of room to come up with the arrangement … With limited hours in the studio, an immediate focus was required to get the right piano and vocal performances … The whole experience was refreshing and rewarding …”

Alan Wilder

Similarly, the song itself – lyrics & melody – was written in a matter of hours, early ones at that, in a creative burst that saw the Croydon-born artist put body to a title that had been lying around for quite some time.  Explaining how the track came about, the singer confessed:

I knew I liked the sound of it; I just didn’t have a clue what it meant to me or what it could turn into. It came out of frustration, I kind of just stopped caring what it could be and at 1am on a Saturday I just wrote what came out and what I felt like.”

Listening to the lyrics one can easily understand how they flowed during the lonely darkness of the small hours.  The sense of frustration is palpable, the emotion raw, the uncertainty the territory of the still of the night.

Wilder’s musicianship is as meticulous as it is intuitive and his understated yet effectual performance provides the perfect balance for Davi’s heartfelt vocal. Her voice, which is pitch perfect and well controlled throughout, has a warmth and silkiness that lends itself well to this style of soulful balladry.  Mr Bamonte certainly had a eureka moment when he conceived of this perfect musical pairing!

‘Calling The Clock’ is a masterclass in subtlety and discernment.  A modern day soul song, emotionally stirring without being overindulgent, performed with accomplished restraint, by two musical perfectionists.

Dédé Davi  is as they say, ‘one to watch’ and so in a way, is Alan Wilder. Where or when he will next be seen or heard is anyone’s guess. We can only hope it won’t be another four years. In the meantime, you can download or stream ‘Calling The Clock’ (our on Smile Records) here : itunes | spotify and watch Dédé perform the song in the video here,

Sløtface Shine ‘Bright Lights’ On A Dark Subject

Lasse Lokøy
Lasse Lokøy

Earlier in the Autumn, when the evenings were still balmy enough for us to hit the streets without donning the plethora of woollens and multitude of layers with which we are currently swaddled, Norwegian four-piece Sløtface took to the nocturnal streets of Bergen to shoot the video accompaniment to their latest single ‘Bright Lights‘.

Lifted from the EP, Empire Records‘ itself just released on 18th November, the track is about escapism – escaping self and society. The song is written by frontwoman Haley Shea, who is to Norway what Grimes is to Canada and Ani DiFrancio is to the US. who gives an unusually restrained yet highly effective vocal performance with a much nuanced emphasis on the word “crushed” that hangs at the end of the chorus like a broken arm.  Musically, this is Sløtface at their most understated.  Intuitive guitars make a statement without being overpowering while the percussion takes on a more relaxed style.  This is less punky, rriot, more Blondie style pop with its native intelligence.

The self-made Lasse Lokøy directed visual however, focusses its lens on an altogether darker subject – female vulnerability & safety.  Just how safe the nocturnal streets of Bergen are is not known to me; what is known, and only too well, is how unsafe the streets of Dublin, city or urban, are for women at any time of the day or night.

Opening with scenes from a booze, music and fun filled gathering of friends, the mood of the film quickly shifts from relaxed gaiety to one of tense uncertainty, as the once crammed frame empties onto a deserted street, dark save for the street lights, desolate except for the lone female protagonist.  What follows in this perceptively scripted and directed storyline, is an experience with which most of us females will be all too familiar.

Lasse Lokøy
Lasse Lokøy

The nervousness that automatically creeps in when we find ourselves walking alone at night.  The sense of terror that screams inside when we suddenly find that we are not alone.  The panic that sets in when a dark, hooded figure walks into our immediate space.  The disgusted indignation and feeling of limp frustration at having to ignore midnight, booze-fuelled boors, spouting sexist claptrap dressed up as a neanderthal charm offensive, that rapidly turns into insults when their efforts go unheeded.

Walking with the phone on ‘dial-alert’.  Bracing oneself with keys jagged to the ready.  Taking to the middle of the street under some misguided impression that the midsection is safer than the side because “everyone can see me, right?”. Wrong.

We are not safe.  Not safe from louts. Not safe from thugs.  Not safe from bullies.  Not safe from misogynists.  Not safe from attackers, muggers, rapists, and murderers.  We are women .. vulnerable, open to every form of attack from mental through verbal to physical.  Welcome to our world.

Sløtface have been chugging out singles like JK Rowling spawns fantasies.  The ‘Empire Records’ mini-compendium is the latest in the ever accelerating run up to their debut album, due for release in early 2017.  In addition to their ever lengthening discography, the band have been speeding up and down the gig helter-skelter and not satisfied with having recently finished a whistle-stop tour of the UK, this hyper-energised bunch have just announced another week of UK dates running from 13th – 18th February.


‘Bright Lights‘ is available to stream/download here https://slotface.lnk.to/BrightLights & you can watch the band’s ‘on point’ awareness film right here.

Bayonne’s Crystal Clear Music ‘Appeals’

Bayonne aka Roger Sellers
Bayonne aka Roger Sellers

If you pulled a galaxy of stars down from the night sky and, cast them, as an elfin net shot through with beads of shimmering energy, across a studio of piano keys and samplers, the result would be on a par with the resplendent iridescence that is ‘Appeals’, the latest offering from Austin (Tx) based electro-whizzkid producer Bayonne.   

Waltzing droplets of twinkling starry energia spin and soar, burst and explode in this new fantasia from the Texan electro-oracle, a stellar sonic web spun with a rapidity and pinpoint accuracy akin to that of the mesmeric ‘speed of sound’ musicianship of Philip Glass.

As a frenzy of piano loops is infused with electronic rotations and even more layers of cyclical sequences, an assortment of spectacular images is conjured up, from running through the snow-kissed vast lands of the Nordics, to the animated flow of bubbling brooks bouncing downhill over shiny coloured stones, feeding their hinterlands with life and vitality.

But the picture that most springs to mind when listening to ‘Appeals’ is that of purity and transparency, of healing and invigoration, all the things one thinks of when the word ‘crystals’ is mentioned.  And, it is indeed crystals that form the centrepoint of the new Zach Stone directed visual for this Bayonne composition.

Speaking of the visual Stone explained, “The visuals for ‘Appeals’ were an experiment in creating the illusion of growing crystals using household objects like ziploc bags, cellophane, and plastic trinkets. We shot a lot of real crystals as well, attempting to blur the line between the organic and artificial materials.” 

Primitives Artwork
Primitives Artwork

‘Appeals’ isn’t just electronic pop.  It is wildly beauteous, electronic pop-fantasy that dances and pirouettes with vital and enigmatic charm.  A magical iridescence of sound, this song is a perfect combination of jewellery box fascinator, modern day experimentation and best of breed pop, stamped with all the hallmarks of virtuoso musicianship and technique, finished off with high-end, precision production.

Speaking about the germination of the idea for ‘Appeals’, Bayonne explained: “‘Appeals‘ was one of the first songs I ever composed using a sample cut completely from an older song. The piano loop at the beginning was cut from a song that I recorded when I was about 17. I liked the way the piano sounded, so I wrote a whole new song around that loop.” 

Watch the wondrous visual to ‘Appeals’ and lose yourself in the scintillating energy of the musical stars with which Bayonne has lit up our nocturnal world.

Bayonne will play a series of live dates in October including London’s Shacklewell Arms on 20th and Bristol’s Simple Things on 22nd.  You can keep in check with more gig, music release and other news via his socials, details here:

Facebook  Twitter  Website  Instagram

Bayonne’s debut album ‘Primitives’ is due for release on November 4th via City Slang and can be pre-ordered here, ‘Primitives’ .  [You can also view the tracklist below.]

‘Primitives’ track list:

  1. Intro
  2. Appeals
  3. Spectrolite (video)
  4. Marim
  5. Waves
  6. Steps
  7. Lates
  8. Omar
  9. Living Room (Bonus Track)
  10. Hammond (Bonus Track)
  11. Sincere (Bonus Track)

Irish Duo Hvmmingbyrd Ask ‘If Love Was Enough’?


Suzette Das (vocals, piano) and Deborah Byrne (vocals, guitar) make up emerging Irish alt-pop pairing, Hvmmingbyrd and with word of the uber high quality of their songwriting/performances spreading like a fire through dry scrub-land, their latest single, ‘If Love Was Enough’ is set to propel them even further into the musical limelight.  If there’s any justice, that propulsion will help flag their growing rep as insanely talented vocalists and percipient songwriters to music audiences beyond these shores.

Wistful lyrics are spun like finely threaded colourful silk through an intricate weave of warm electronica, pulsing dance beats and latino/jungle percussion. Das’ and Byrne’s golden vocals, which are in perfect symmetry, give off an air of shimmering hopefulness, to create a bright light at the end of that dimly lit tunnel into which the up and down complexities of love can often throw us.

‘If Love Was Enough‘ was written and co-produced by Hvmmingbyrd along with Aisling Jarvis.  The touching video, which you can watch here, was directed & produced by Irish film company Crooked Gentlemen and stars actors Eoin Macken and Olivia Romao.   You can buy ‘If Love Was Enough’ via the Hvmmingbyrd Bandcamp page and keep up to speed with the duo’s gigs and releases via Facebook.  The Hvmmingbyrd girls are using the hashtag #iflovewasenough to try generate some trendin’ social media love … so join in, like/love/share.

Alma’s Latest Single Is Wickedly Good


There isn’t anything that the pomp of brass and wistful elegance of strings can’t take to the next level, and then some.

By layering russet hued horns and yearning string sequences over menacing basslines, sweetly seductive synth and touches of plinking piano, Swedish trip-hopper, Alma, has scored a classy soundtrack that could easily pass for a younger, sassier sibling of Portishead’s ‘Glory Box – Give Me A Reason‘.  Cloaked in the same hypnotic allure threaded with subtle strands of intrigue, her latest single, ‘Wicked’ oozes that same sumptuous, off-limits sexiness as its mid ’90s predecessor.

Vocals with an attitude face off against dreamy pillows of feathery delightfulness, giving the sultry, chastising lyrics a warm, animated colour with just the right touch of cool, refined disdain around the edges.

‘Wicked’ is Alma’s latest release following the feisty electro-dance track, ‘I Do It For You’.  Less poppy, more intense, this is an extremely sophisticated production that significantly ups the song-crafting ante.  In fact, ‘Wicked’ is of such richly textured and cinematic proportions as to be practically of the same calibre as the many hits penned by Guy Chambers or Adele (think Millenium meets Skyfall).

While the song itself was released a few months back, the Nim Sundström directed, sensual and dramatic Bondesque video (check out the Bond referencing shots of that spiral staircase) was only premiered a week ago.

Relatively new to the music scene in the UK&I, this young Stockholm based singer appears to know her strengths and is playing to them like a well seasoned pro.  If Alma keeps firing shots like ‘Wicked’ from her musical armoury you can expect to see her star in the ascendancy quicker than Bond could say ‘007’.

‘Wicked’ is released via Wicked Records and is available for streaming.  You can follow Alma on Soundcloud, Facebook and Twitter.

Soak It Up : Sløtface ‘Sponge State’ EP

Slotface Banner

Fancy some NRG with attitude?  Some riot that’s less grrrl and more ‘oUS‘.  Well get ye some of this … Norwegian rebels with many causes, Sløtface (formerly known as Slutface, in case you’ve been in splendid isolation somewhere in a world without wi-fi), have just unleashed their 4-track debut EP, ‘Sponge State, on the world, and like the ubiquitous frenzied fallen cable a-whip-crackin’ during a midnight storm, this release is one helluva crackling, spark-spitting firebrand.

Sponge state-digital


1. Get My Own
Possibly the song most set in the earthy subterranean punk roots of their orthodox defying predecessors.  Combative, formidable and assertive, the song pushes lead woman Shea to the forefront, unapologetic in her demands to be seen, heard and respected in equal measure.  ‘Get My Own’ is a direct challenge to obsolescent values and outdated gender-driven ways of thinking, and sees Shea take an unabashed stand again a backward, repressive discrimination that has for too long, kept women “in the dark”.
2. Kill ‘Em With Kindness
Every time I hear this song I can’t help but think of Flo’s ‘A Kiss With A Fist’.  Melodic, feisty pop meets “up yours” lyrics as the band go for the media jugular, tearing a lump out of a misogynistic ‘boys club’ press-corps who’ve spent years earning their living on the back of highly questionable, disparaging attacks on emerging female artists. Although dripping with sarcasm and shot through with a lot of instrumental shrapnel, this punchy numbers redoubtable melodia opened up the perfect opportunity for Sløtface to broaden their much loved pop horizons.

3. Sponge State

The title track and most recent single from these neo-punk poppers, this propulsive RS driven number is a full on ass-kickin anthem. It’s a call to action to their peers to ditch the ipads and the apathy, look up from their screens and SEE what’s going on around them, to them and to the world they live in. Riddled with apoplectic guitar bombs ignited by Shea’s explosive lyrics and on-fire vocals, this is the incendiary track on the EP.

With banner waving lyrics like, “Got these stitches in my lip and they’re keeping me shut tight, l put my headphones on, you see me putting off a fight, And all my encounters shoved in my face, Oh you can really tell it’s fall … A change of pace from a sponge state, a new approach, shaken out, we’re making it”, it’s pretty easy to decipher the message behind the song.

But in case you need a little more by way of enlightenment, check out the accompanying vid, which to my mind, clearly defines the boldly courageous, refreshingly defiant and forward thinking partisans of human, gender and environmental rights that are Sløtface.

4. Shave My Head
When Haley Shea wrote the lyrics to ‘Shave My Head’ she was to her mind, penning a song about women liberating themselves from the demoralising, dismissive and subjugating views of a certain breed of men.
“I was thinking a lot about why women are portrayed negatively as hysterical and emotional, whereas crazy men are portrayed as tortured geniuses. ‘Bitches be crazy’ and such. It’s also a lot about the way we view femininity and relationships and what we expect women to be and how they should behave.”
To my mind, ‘Shave My Head’ makes the perfect anthem for the stand Sløtface took against the social media jackboot bureaucracy that so unjustly imposed upon their right to promote their music on certain Stateside media outlets.  Instead of kowtowing to the time-warped jobsworths, the band, who probably have a combined IQ of about 600 and are far removed from the gen z stereotype of spoilt brattish upstarts with nothing better to do, came up with a very clever ruse to get around the advertising embargo.
Defying all odds, they managed to change yet keep their name, by employing a very simple yet highly effective technique.  They simply swapped the “u” for its Norwegian equivalent, “ø”, and used ‘not-changing their name’ to their best advantage by running an hugely successful media campaign to advertise the fact.  In other words, Sløtface weren’t shaving their head or their identity for anyone!
Smart, funny, open minded, brave, defiant, sassy, humane, entertaining and hugely talented.
If ever there was a band in which you could trust the future of music and indeed, so many other things political, social and cultural, then Sløtface is it.  This isn’t just a band who bang out songs for the sake of it.  This is a band who care about the quality of their songs as much as they care about the quality of the air they breath and the quality of life experienced by those who breath it.  There are many who thought their name was just a gimmick for yet another gimmicky band…they couldn’t have been further from the truth.  No gimmicks here … these guys are the real deal.
With their debut album due early 2017, Sløtface have a busy Summer ahead of them between writing, recording and ripping up the festival circuit – they start tomorrow at Spydeberg Rock Festival! However, you can expect to continue to be mentally challenged and sonically invigorated as a few more intermittent Sløtface releases are due before the end 2016.
Sløtface is : Haley Shea (Vocals),  Lasse Lokøy (Bass),  Halvard Skeie Wiencke (Drums) and Tor-Arne Vikingstad (Guitar).
Their debut EP is out now via Propeller Recordings.  If you’re into a bit of physical fondling : http://amzn.to/1TGKxUe   vs

aspirational sensory seduction by streaming :  https://slotface.lnk.to/spongestateep

Reality is so much better than virtual!!

Watch : Sykoya – ‘Closer’, An Inky Reverie

Photo Credit Hannah Couzens Photos
Photo Credit Hannah Couzens Photos

Made up of American, Anna Marcella (vox/piano/keys), and Brits, Curtis ElVidge (drums) and Joe Cross (bass/synth/vox), threepiece Sykoya, have just dropped a stunning visual for their spine-tingling single, ‘Closer.

Despite already having had UK airplay as well as having been featured by the likes of the BBC6 Music supported artist hub, Fresh on the Net, which is managed by the ubiquitous Tom Robinson, Sykoya, like the canniest of hibernators, decided to pull down the shutters and squirrel themselves away over the long, dark winter months, experimenting with, tweaking and refining songs that they knew had a special something, but with which they weren’t yet fully satisfied.

After endless hours and long nights of intense practising and recording, and having evolved a unique sound which they could identify with as the Sykoya USP or musical identifier, the trio were finally ready to debut their EP ‘Strange Night’, which I’m pleased to announce will be released this weekend.  Sat 21st to be exact!

Haunting, slightly menacing ‘Closer, is a melody driven track as dark and lonely as its shadowy night-time landscape.  Set in the twilit world of unrequited love and grasping desperation, this obsession fuelled nightmare is tinged with lonely regret and edged with a trace of eroticism.  Marcella’s intensely nuanced vocal, perfectly captures the brooding neediness and bleak torment of the song’s protagonist. Evoking emotional turmoil with a blend of sensuous ferocity and disturbing plaintiveness, Marcella’s voice elicits the sense of needy urgency and veiled menace around which the instrumental accompaniment builds a perfect soundscape.  ElVidge’s equable electronic drums and Cross’s doomsday bass fuse around otheworldly synth sequences to produce a portentous score to this soporific inky-hued reverie.

The accompanying video, which was shot in the beautiful snow draped mountains of Poland, is the handiwork of the exceptionally talented RO/SA video production company, run by Katarzyna Sawicka (direction/editing) and Adam Romanowski (photography/colour grading) who also came up with the storyline.  Such is the magnificent photographic splendour of this visual, it recently received a nomination for the Berlin Music Video Awards (would you believe the award ceremony is tonight – fingers crossed you guys!).

‘Closer’ is pretty heady stuff and as debut singles go, this is a strong card with which to lead.  If the rest of the EP measures up to the high standard set by this confidently delivered benchmark, Sykoya will be able to look back on those long, dark, wintry nights, and take comfort in the knowledge that all the hard work that went into revisiting, reworking and refining their music, was most definitely worth it.

Closer‘ is the lead track from Sykoya’s upcoming 5-track EP ‘Strange Night‘ due out 21st May!  The band are holding a release party at 7.30pm Sat 21st  The Finsbury Pub, Green Lanes, London – full details here https://www.facebook.com/events/1039339372798551/

Sykoya’s music is available via Bandcamp.

You can keep a track of SYKOYA’s musical exploits via FACEBOOKTWITTER, SOUNDCLOUD & their WEBSITE.

Highasakite’s Royal Hued Visual Has Been Given The Midas Touch

 Øystein Moe, Alexander Somma and Line Klungseth Johansen
Øystein Moe, Alexander Somma and Line Klungseth Johansen

Norwegian five-piece Highasakite seem to have mastered the art of the ‘Midas Touch’ with literally everything they are creatively handling right now turning to pure musical gold.

Fresh from a weekend of super successful TV appearances and stunning live performances (did you see that cover of Adele’s ‘Hello’ – if not, why not? er, HELLOcheck it out here!), the band have just hopped out the video for their latest single, ‘Golden Ticket’.  This jewel coloured visual gem, bedecked with purple and gold regalia, was produced by Helmet Films & Visual Effects, with directing credits being divided out between Øystein Moe, Alexander Somma and Line Klungseth Johansen.

Juxtaposing ‘gold-plated’ (well spray painted) images of an always feisty Håvik (that gal’s eyes scream ‘attitude‘) with sublime backlit monochrome frames and a series of sapphiric shots in which a diabolic, neon-strobed witch doctor does voodoo disco, the video is pure escapist fantasia, echoing the “get high, get out” theme of the song (read my review here).

Ingrid Golden Ticket 4
Øystein Moe, Alexander Somma and Line Klungseth Johansen

As if things weren’t crazy enough for these golden wonders right now, it has also just been announced that a ten-date whistle-stop tour of the USA has been added to an already hectic Summer schedule bringing the combined number of headline dates to nearly thirty.  Guess who’ll be looking forward to a nice holiday in October then hey!  Highasakite play The Great Escape Festival 19th May and Whelan’s Dublin, 22nd followed by Deaf Institute, Manchester 23rd and Village Underground, London the 24th.

You can get the full list of US dates plus the link to tickets and the tracklist for upcoming album Camp Echo below.

Ingrid Golden Ticket 3
Øystein Moe, Alexander Somma and Line Klungseth Johansen

Highasakite is made up of:  Ingrid Helene Håvik (vox), Trond Bersu (drums), Kristoffer Lo (guitars), Øystein Skar & Marte Eberson (synthesizers).  You can follow what promises to be an hectic Summer both on Facebook and Twitter.

Download/stream ‘Golden Ticket’ here:  http://highasakite.lnk.to/goldenticket .  Taken from Highasakite’s new album ‘Camp Echo’, released on May 20th 2016, you can Pre-order it here:  https://highasakite.lnk.to/CampEcho



1. My Name Is Liar
2. Samurai Swords
3. Someone Who´ll Get It
4. My Mind Is A Bad Neighborhood
5. God Don’t Leave Me
6. I Am My Own Disease
7. Golden Ticket
8. Deep Sea Diver
9. Chernobyl